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Does 25 make you think about reading?

The Summer Reading Program is meant to be a journey customized for you to enjoy and is great for all ages.

When you think of the number 25 what do you think of? Do you think of what happened when you were 25 years old? Or do you think about how 25 is a quarter of 100? Or, do you think of President Washington since he is on the coin quarter? Well, when we at RE/MAX Capitol Properties think of 25 we think of the Laramie County Library System’s Summer Reading Celebration and we are happy to tell you why.

Sean and Andrew work for the Library and took the time to explain how the program works for participants. To make it even more simple below are key takeaways for how the Summer Reading Celebration will work and how you can participate. *

  1. The theme is “Imagine Your Story”
  2. Customize your experience by either reading for 25 days, 25 books, or 25 hours of reading.
  3. It can be any kind of material from a short story to an audiobook
  4. Receive a prize for each completed row
  5. Once all 25 slots are complete you’ll receive a book of your own
  6. There are a number of activities offered during the Summer Reading Program from Tie Die Shirts, Escape Rooms, Screen Printing Shirts and so much more – which may not occur this year due to COVID-19 concerns. *

Isn’t it interesting that you can count an Audiobook toward this Summer Reading Celebration? Sean explained that there is research showing that the same benefits exist whether digesting a book visually or through listening. That is definitely a fun fact and unique to this program.

So the question now is, how will you participate? Will you read 25 books, read for 25 days or will you elect reading for 25 hours? Whatever you decide, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of reading and have a fulfilling experience this summer.

  • These messages were recorded prior to COVID-19 please check the Library’s website for changes to the Summer Reading Celebration.
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