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DIY Made Easier

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Spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to pull out your DIY skills!

If you’re new to the DIY lifestyle, don’t worry! These projects are perfect for beginners.

Convert a drawer into an electronics’ docking station.
Phones, tablets, computers, and other devices that need to be charged end up monopolizing space on your tables and counters. Taking an empty drawer or junk drawer and converting it into an electronics’ docking station is a clever but not overly difficult way to add usable space to your home.

  • First, empty out a drawer to use as your docking station and get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Next, buy or build a storage tray or drawer organizer. The divided storage will help keep your devices separate.
  • After that’s in place, drill a hole in the back of your drawer for cords and put a power strip in the drawer next to your storage tray.
  • Plug the power strip in and plug your chargers into it.
  • You can use zip ties to rope up the cords to keep your docking station neat!

Convert a closet into an office.
Need an office but don’t have the time or money to add a whole new room to your house? Consider converting a closet into an office. A walk-in closet can be converted into a convenient space for your printer, computer, and files, while a standard size closet can fit a desk or work table if you remove the doors. It doesn’t take a lot of space to make room for a computer or writing space.

Switch to smart lighting.
This super simple DIY project is suitable for any skill level. Smart, energy efficient light bulbs can often last 15 years or more, saving you money in bulbs and electricity over time. You’ll also gain the ability to adjust your home’s lighting via your phone, which is both convenient and fun. Some smart lights can even be hooked up to Amazon Echo, allowing you to operate your lights via voice control as well.

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