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Design My Home Office

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When the world shut down in 2020, many people realized their home office wasn’t as “work friendly” as they thought. While we may have thought it was temporary then, many companies have decided to stick with remote work, allowing their employees to stay home permanently. Whether you need a company or personal workspace, here are three DIY tips for your perfect home office.

Where should it go?
Before anything else, think about the best location for your home office. If you have a spare bedroom, that’s likely the best location. If not, consider where you can set up a workspace that will allow you to accomplish what you need to do. Where will your desk fit? Is it a good space for tech with enough electric outlets? Is it quiet enough for you to focus? if you are a worker who likes to spread out your paperwork will that get in the way of others in your household?

What furniture do you need?
There are many options for desks from elaborate designs to something simple that folds up at the end of the day. Also, think about what storage space you need and what kind of chair you want. Depending on what you do, this will look different to each person.

Make it your own
A great thing about working from home is you can make your office fit your personality. Select decor that matches your ideal feel. Pick the style of furniture that you like and will fit in the space. Create an goal board to keep you focused throughout the year. This will help you feel more like it’s your own space.

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