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Cool Runnings & Buying a Home


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Have you ever seen the movie Cool Runnings?

It was a 1993 film that featured a true story about a Jamaican Bobsleigh Team who made history at the Winter Olympics. Now in 2018 three Nigerian women will be making history and shared that they have dreamed of this moment for a long time. They visualized a win and even the steps to get to where they are today, which is being the first ever Africans to compete in the sport of bobsled. With this in mind we are going to teach you how to visualize your way into buying your dream home. These proven methodologies may just get you in your dream home sooner than later and you could be making history!


  1. Picture It! First things first, picture what you want to achieve. Is it to buy a home that is already completed with all the bells and whistles or do you want a fun project that will evolve into your dream home?
  2. Draw It! Now take the time to draw out what you want. What are the final product and final features.
  3. Time It! Give yourself a timeline. How long before you go to get pre-qualified or actually start aggressively looking for a home?
  4. See It! Now the fun part, cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers, then put things that will inspire you to achieve your goals on a board or a tray. Make sure it is somewhere you will see it everyday!
  5. Repeat It! Every moment you pass by your vision board or tray take the time to go ahead and look at it and jog your memory of what you pictured and your assessment of how you are going to get there. Go through your mind what each moment will look like and you will start to embody this in your day to day actions.
  6. Accomplish It! Soon enough you will start to make baby steps to accomplishing your goal of owning your home and before you know it, you will have accomplished it!

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are here to help you go for your own gold! Give us a call today to schedule at appointment at 307-635-0303 or visit us online.

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