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Combining Households

Combining households can be a ton of work, especially if you have two of everything and you don’t even need one!

Have you ever noticed the volume of items you accumulate over time? Well, imagine if you accumulated a ton of items on your own and then move all of those items into your new home where all of these items have existed once before, so now you have two. There will be a point in time where that is just simply too much, so be proactive and make the assessment of these items before you put too many items simply in storage.

  1. Commit to clear and open communication with your loved ones about what you have and which you would both prefer to keep.
  2. Take ample photos and measurements of your new place and make decisions around what is most suitable for your new lifestyle together.
  3. Take the easy road by not having to transport everything to a new home but make the decision of what you plan to take versus donate or trash and only do this moving of the goods once.
  4. Get rid of duplicates – again, there is no reason to keep two of everything. Take a moment to decide which of the two you want to keep and donate or recycle the other (depending on the state of the item)
  5. Restrain yourself from criticizing family heirlooms and try to make a list of which items are extremely important and non-negotiable. Then try to incorporate them into your household together!
  6. Handle differences gently by having conversations about the items and even put ones you are struggling to decide on in a “parking lot” to think about later and select items you can agree on to get things rolling.
  7. Take time before the move to plan room schemes, this will save you so much time, effort and money!
  8. Clean your closets beforehand and assess what you want to keep versus what you are prepared to let go of.

Make it a fun experience for everyone and READ THESE TIPS to make moving fun for everyone in your family. Connect with us today at 307-635-0303 or online.


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