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    Cole to Blue


    Way back when, Frank Cole purchased the land for the Cole’s Shopping Center at Pershing and Converse when it was on the outskirts of town.

    People told him he was crazy. It once was a home to a grocery store, fabric store, movie theater, blockbuster and many other retail businesses. Now the property is in the Center of Cheyenne and will play an even more integral part in our community in the coming year. Blue Federal Credit Union announced in November of 2018 they purchased the land to serve as their corporate headquarters.

    Blue Federal Credit Union started as Warren Federal Credit Union in 1951 and has strong ties to the local Cheyenne community. This is why they chose to not only maintain their headquarters in Cheyenne, but selected an important part of the community to revitalize when doing so. The facility will need to be large enough to accommodate up to 400 employees. The commercial space will also accommodate additional retail space and commercial space and will revamp the entire shopping center. The stretch along Pershing Blvd from I-25 to the soon to be built Christensen Overpass most certainly articulates the advancement and growth our community is experiencing.

    We are lucky enough to be neighbors with BLUE on Central Avenue. They are great neighbors! We hear they will keep the banking location where it is, but move their employees currently in the building across the street at 3917 Central Avenue to the new complex when it is complete.

    We are looking for a new neighbor! If you are considering a commercial expansion or start up business in Cheyenne, then check out the listing details HERE.

    RE/MAX Broker/Owner, Steve Prescott, said, “this location is a perfect inlet to downtown and has a great downtown vibe. It’s close to the Cheyenne Regional Airport and to many other thriving businesses!”

    Special thanks to our RE/MAX REALTOR, Amber Johnson, for showing us where the big things are happening at Cole Shopping Center for BLUE Federal Credit Union!

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