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Coffee, Golf, Financials, Workout, & the Movies


Coffee, golf, financials, workout and the movies, sounds like a crazy game of improv.

We are here to share with you that it is actually the newest retail hub in Cheyenne. The Pershing Plaza houses businesses that provide all of these services and more. The lot used to be a grocery store that closed in the early 2000s. Then CRMC had their gym in the space for years. It wasn’t until that gym was converted in to a Gold’s Gym that the shopping center started to flourish. The Movie Theater has now benefited from the exciting movement in the neighboring building. The latest restaurant, The Office, opened in November of 2018 and has become a sport lover’s favorite. From lounging dine-in spaces to a fun area to golf indoors, the restaurant caters to all audiences. In the entrance guests of the restuarant can walk down the hall to access a shortcut to the movie theater. Date night anyone?

Recently we asked Luis Mendoza, RE/MAX Capitol Properties realtor why he believes this new development is important to Cheyenne’s community.

Luis said, with the fast pace that Cheyenne’s population is growing and the demand of our community for more restaurants, cafes and things to do, the Pershing Plaza is a huge asset for all of us.
There is nothing more rewarding than being able to enjoy a delicious dinner with some friends or business partners at The Office or a good cup of coffee in a great environment with some clients or family at the Rail Yard and the best part of all is that everything is local, with local business owners, and 10 mins away from your home. You can’t beat helping your own community and having a great experience in such modern places!

Down the shopping center is Gold’s Gym’s newest addition of a pool and basketball court, then the primary fitness center. Nutrition Company opened next door and actually houses a back office that provides Botox. Rail Yard is next door to that and provide a generous serving of avocado with every order of their infamous “Elvis” avocado toast (literally it is bacon, banana and maple syrup). Then to make sure you can afford all these great community amenities, one can pop into Wyoming Financial Insurance.

What’s next?

The building that is just West of this shopping center is currently occupied by several State agencies. Once the Sutherland’s building is updated, only half of the building will be State offices. That being said, the current building owner does hope to convert this to additional retail and office spaces to expand the shopping center.

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