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Coalitions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever wondered why we collect as people to collaborate and create coalitions?

We have been doing it for centuries but in recent years it has been branded as coalitions, boards, and initiatives. By design, they are made for a purpose and it has been amazing to see how these entities have been formed to problem solve and derive solutions for communities and systems all over the world.

Recently in light of the world events the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC) was formed and we have been impressed to see their contributions during this health crisis. Through this group of technology professionals they were able to help make face masks during the shortage, and recently they launched a free educational initiative to highlight career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or called STEM fields. They called the effort WYSTEM. During the month of May it highlighted one of the four subject areas and then they concluded the educational opportunity with a wrap-up party for Wyoming students where they then had the opportunity to win a 3D Printer.

Through this time we have learned the amazing amount of good that can be derived when we work together. We are able to craft our future and make better outcomes through our actions and contributions. This is just one example of how there have been many individuals stepping up to assist and it also shows how we are better together. When we work together we can achieve greatness and if we can understand that by dedicating ourselves toward larger causes than priorities of our own, we can make a life-altering change. We wanted to say thank you to the WTCC for making the efforts to help our students and educators during this time. We really appreciate you and all of your contributions!


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