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Cleaning Hacks

deep Clean Your Kitchen Remax Capitol Properties

Making cleaning less of a hassle.

Cinderella was onto something. Carrying your cleaning supplies in a basket to take from room to room and using that same basket to store it, makes everything go faster. These kinds of cleaning hacks can help you get your cleaning done fast so you can have fun even sooner. These tips are especially if you are selling your home and need to keep it nice and tidy for showings.

Info on Supplies:

  • When doing a deep clean of floors, walls, etc. consider buying a bucket that has two sides. One side holds your soapy water and the other side your rinsing water.
  • The magic of a sponge is great, however when you start to notice them shedding, get rid of them.
  • If you plan to use chemical solutions when cleaning make sure to use rubber gloves to protect your skin and to prevent transferring the chemicals elsewhere. Rub cornstarch on your hands prior to putting them on to help slip them on more easily.
  • Have a step ladder on-hand, this is better than using an unstable chair.
  • A balled up pair of pantyhose can serve as a great non-scratch sponge, great when polishing pieces too.
  • If you run out of paper towels, you can often use coffee filters to wipe up liquid.
  • Old toothbrushes are great to use when cleaning and getting in the small spaces.

Cleaning Supplies:

Baking Soda – In a dry form baking soda is great for mild scouring, then when wet it turns to paste and can clean very dirty surfaces. Making anything like new again. It also serves as a deodorizer.
Baking Powder – This can be used to remove odors.
Bleach – Great stain remover and helping to turn clothing white again, making your dishes white and taking stains out of sinks. It is also good for cleaning toilets because it kills bacteria.
Lemon Juice – Whether you use it from a spray bottle or squeeze it directly from a lemon, the fruit juice can help create an acid reaction killing bacteria. Plus, it smells good.
Liquid Dishwashing Agent – This can be used far beyond the use of just a dishwasher. You can clean counters with it, glass, etc. It is a multi-surface cleaner and it very safe for any surfaces that may touch food.
Salt – This is versatile and can help remove a variety of items off of surfaces. It also can remove odors and can prevent messes because it can create a coating on services.
Vinegar – This too is an acid and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. White vinegar can be used on fabric to remove odor and cider vinegar can be used for most everything else.
Waxes, Polishes & Oils – these can be used in their natural states to help protect surfaces and create a shine.

Cleaning Tips:

Windows – Wipe vertical when wiping the outside of a window and horizontally on the inside, so you can identify which side needs cleaned better.
Walls – Wash from the top to bottom to prevent water streaks.
Dusting & Vacuuming – Dust first and start by dusting the highest surfaces and working your way down. This way you can wipe the dust onto the floors too and capture it all by vacuuming.
Hopefully these tips help to make cleaning easy for you! Do a little each day and it won’t get away from you.
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