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City of Cheyenne Planning & Development Resources

Cheyenne is continuously growing, and to help keep residents informed of this growth Connor at the City of Cheyenne’s Planner Office added a new public feature. 

Did you know you can go to the City of Cheyenne’s Planning and Development webpage and access a link to a Google Map featuring development activity? It is updated monthly and features the status of current development and planning filings. Based on a key, it will tell you what the filing request is, and if you select an item, it will inform you of the status. If you would like to advocate, you can see which meetings the proposal will be discussed. For example, currently, there is a conditional use request for the lottery location opening up on Pershing Blvd. The use change will be addressed in the Board of Adjustments. 

Also, a site plan is listed if submitted and under review. Sweetgrass is a recent development rolling along if you select the items listed in that developing a new Pinnacle Bank branch is expected to be built. Several plats are under review, and several plans are under consideration. It is a good area of town to see how the map articulates the status of the various items the department monitors and stewards through the city regulatory process. 

Whether you are someone looking to develop and want to get more familiar with the process or you are just wanting to know what is going in next to your home because you see construction equipment outside – this department and Google Map tool is helpful. This can be immensely helpful if you are a seller or buyer because you may want to know what community amenities or area updates are near your existing or prospective homes.

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