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Christmas Storage Ideas

Decorating for the holidays is a time-honored tradition that brings joy to many families. However, all good things must come to an end. When it’s time to pack up your Christmas treasures, these tips will help make your holiday cleanup faster and easier.

Invest in Storage Bins

Cardboard boxes can degrade over the course of a year, while storage bins can last for decades. When choosing storage containers, look for ones that will stack nicely and consider going with clear bins so you can see at a glance what each one contains. If you do go with solid-colored containers, be sure to label them for easy identification in the future.

Label Everything

Labeling what’s in each storage container is just the beginning. Make sure the items inside the box are labeled too, especially if you have certain lights or decorations that go in specific locations. Masking tape is a good labeling option because it’s easy to write on and easy to remove when you’re ready to use your decorations again.

Throw Out Broken Decorations

Frayed light strings and broken glass can be a hazard. If you don’t have time to fix broken decorations, either throw them out or put them in a dedicated bin for items in need of repair. This will help save time testing out decorations next year and help you avoid injury.

Purge Christmas Storage

While you’re organizing and pitching broken items, take a good look at each decoration and consider if you will ever use it again. The way we decorate our homes often changes throughout the years and if you have anything that no longer fits your festive aesthetic, get rid of it. You might be surprised how much you have that you no longer would consider using. Donate or toss items you choose to part with and enjoy a more purposeful use of your storage space.

Store Christmas lights properly

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to untangle an endless mess of Christmas lights, you’d probably agree that’s not an experience you’d want to relive. Instead of fighting tangles every year, wrap your Christmas lights around strips of cardboard, or you can even purchase actual Christmas light spools if you want. This will not only save you time when it’s time to put them up for Christmas, but it will also keep your storage area neat and individual lights easy to access.  If you want to be extra organized, take a sharpie and label each wrap with the length and color of it’s related strand. 

Organize Ornaments

Having loose ornaments roll around in the bottom of your storage bin is a pain to dig out and can lead to the piece breaking. To keep ornaments neatly organized, we recommend placing them in a storage bin with dividers. You can either purchase dividers or make your own out of cardboard, but they will allow you to keep ornaments neatly organized and safe. If you feel like investing in your organization, you can purchase storage containers specifically designed for Christmas decorations, but with cardboard and a little DIYing you can make essentially the same concept for your existing bins.

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