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Christmas Must-Dos

Tiffany Spero Merry Mondays Week 2 winner with Sharla Evans

Okay, so you caught us! We say we do Merry Mondays because we want to give back to our loyal clients and community, but we do it for selfish reasons. 

That’s right! We do Merry Mondays because we love learning from all of the engaged participants. Each week we add a new prompt to our social media. This last week for Week Two of Merry Mondays, we asked everyone to share their favorite Christmas activity with us, and we got the best ideas!!!

Before we share our Christmas Must-Do list from this week’s results, we wanted to share with you how you can participate in the upcoming opportunities to win $200 CASH! It is super simple. 

How to participate in Merry Mondays

  • Visit our Facebook and look for a weekly post on Mondays 
  • Read the “Merry Monday” activities and follow the post’s instructions to be entered to win. 

Now that you know how to participate, we are looking forward to your tips, tricks, insights, and more in the coming weeks. We cannot wait for your help in spreading holiday cheer!

When it comes to the Must-Dos for Christmas, here is what we determined were the TOP CHOICES:

  • Watching Christmas movies with loved ones! Now that they start them in October, you could probably watch Christmas movies for 365 days without repeating one. ‘Tis the season for a Christmas classic, to the cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark love stories. 
  • Favorite Movies Recommended by our audience included:
      • The Grinch
      • The Christmas Story
      • Elf
      • A White Christmas
      • It’s a Wonderful Life
      • Home Alone (2020 Edition – Just Kidding)
      • Polar Express
      • Christmas with the Kranks
      • Christmas Vacation
  • Listen to Christmas Music while Decorating. Talk about a fabulous way to get into the spirit. If you are not cranking up the Holly Jolly Christmas and Silent Night, then you are missing out! Plus, now you can yell at “Alexa” in your household and have her play whatever your little hearts desire. This on-demand Christmas Playlist is genius. 
  • Driving around and looking at holiday lights. We have so many beautiful displays in our community. Naturally, we love this activity because we can admire our stunning community and all of the beautiful homes. What better year than 2020 to go out with loved ones to look at the lights? It is an easy way to do something festive that is out of the house and safe! 
  • Baking and decorating cookies. Santa needs his cookies, but let’s be honest, so do we! Just another opportunity to crank up the holiday music or play a Christmas movie and bake. A tradition we loved was baking brownies the same night we decorated. Dessert and the reward for a hard day’s work of holiday transformation was a warm brownie with a cold glass of milk, accompanied by favorite holiday movies. What a wonderful way to get in the spirit.
  • Making gingerbread houses. As real estate professionals, this is one of our favorites! We love the opportunity to be creative and decorate our beautiful homes for the holidays, and this includes creating a unique piece of decor for the holidays that will only reign for one season. The gingerbread house is a great way to spend time with loved ones, unleash your artist and admire (taste) various sweets along the way.

There were other fantastic recommendations for Christmas Activities, and we recommend you follow our page to see them all. We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate this week’s Merry Monday’s winner Tiffany Spero. We are excited that you won and even more excited that you took the time to share with us. Merry Christmas.

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