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Christensen Railroad Overpass Project


Taxes are funding a community connector, we all have been dreaming of.

Things are a changing! Cheyenne is growing and it is more than that, our region is growing. We have more folks that are living in neighboring communities and coming into City Center than ever before. Voters expressed their support for the Christensen Overpass on the last 6th Penny Election. The project will provide a connection between US Highway 30 (the historic Lincoln Highway) and I80. This road extension builds upon a plan that was previously developed in September of 2000. The study then actually addressed the amount of growth we have been seeing in Cheyenne, particularly in East Cheyenne.

What could a new access point like this bring to Cheyenne? It could result in even more commuters from Eastern neighboring towns. Prime commercial properties will be identified along the route and the flow of traffic as we know it will change. Therefore, folks who are currently having to use College to drive into town will no longer have to use that route. This has been a project our community has needed for a long time, nearly 20 years. We are excited to see that it has been making progress.

Cheyenne WY REALTOR, Kevin True, with RE/MAX Capitol Properties, is showing off the area expected to change.

He said, the Christensen Overpass will provide a North-South corridor for the East side of Cheyenne and access to I-80 for both the East and South areas to connect to much of the city. This will help with the economic development occurring on that side of town. I am happy to see the project moving along.

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