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Choo Choo! What a Bond!

Cheyenne is the best community because it was founded on innovation!

Way back when, our community started because the railroad found its way through the Southeast Corner of Wyoming and became a key connection for transportation in the West. The railroad was innovative and was the beginning of the great unknown. Between two steel beams routing the way to a future of creative and unlocked opportunities, Cheyenne was the first of the western communities to adopt new technologies and invest in a strong transportation system.

The same holds true today! Cheyenne has elevated its partnership with Northern Colorado communities to work on expanding transportation solutions for the Front Range. Recently the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce commissioned a community assessment. It is an effort of the Wyoming Wranglers, that we as a business are a part of. This assessment will lead to an implementation plan which will make the shared vision a reality. The vision is to establish a community that is a connector and where access is limitless! Passenger rail is the next large area of interest. According to the study, this transportation solution will allow for better access to the community, more visitors, more opportunity for residents and endless opportunities for area growth.

The bond between Cheyenne and rail is most certainly a stronger relationship than we could have imagined. It was an integral part of our past and now is an even more important element of our future. Choo Choo! Here we go, on a journey we will all enjoy.


If you are considering a move to Cheyenne or relocating your business here, let us be your resource. Visit or give us a call today at 307-635-0303!

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2 Responses to “Choo Choo! What a Bond!”

  • Mark Escalera
    Written on

    Until about 2 years ago, we had no idea the long-standing history we had with Wyoming. However, we have learned that my great-grandfather lived and worked on a sheep ranch for over 10 years back in the early 1900’s. My grandfather ended up coming back up here after World War 2 and worked the rails with the UP. In fact, his job was on one of the Big Boy steam locomotives. Then my father was a pastor here for almost 5 years back about 15 years ago. It’s a small world after all! Would love to ride the rails from Cheyenne one day.

    • Steve Prescott
      Written on

      Thanks for sharing your family history, Mark! My family history goes back five generations on both sides and I love to learn all about it! I wish I could talk to my great-grandmas again, because my questions would be much different today, than the questions I asked as a child.

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