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Cheyenne WY Realtors – Full Time, Fun & Fabulous


If you need to find Cheyenne WY Realtors, where do you start?

We can offer a few tips! Look for real estate agents who are full time, fun and fabulous!

FULL TIME: At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we only hire full time realtors because we want committed individuals who make this industry a career, not a hobby. We think when the consumer needs assistance with large investments, they should be able to rely on their agent to be available. Additionally, our full time agents have extensive networks in the community for influence and are maintaining a strong knowledge of the local real estate market and the primary must-knows of the community for quality of life, as well as can provide value added direction to your experience.

Each December, together, we plan our next year as an office to ensure that everyone knows the expectations we have as an office for them to succeed in this career. Our real estate professionals then have the opportunity to set their goals for helping people throughout the coming year to buy a home or sell a home.



FUN: Our agents are hard working, honest, educated on the local real estate market, knowing the Cheyenne properties for sale and even some of the history of the properties. Many of our agents have been Cheyenne realtors for more than 20 years. You can trust that we are current with the real estate market trends, financial lending options and negotiation skills. At the same time we have a fun, caring, high performing and professional culture in our office.


FABULOUS: We don’t stop with wanting the best. We expect it. We aren’t happy until you are happy. We aren’t happy until our agents are happy. We strive for helping the most people achieve their dream of home-ownership. Though we are an locally owned and independently operated office, we are able to utilize the innovative tools and connections through RE/MAX Headquarters. With this foundation in place it creates the opportunity to be recognized from RE/MAX LLC. For 2017 we had the top two agents in the State of Wyoming for production, Larry Gardner and Steve Prescott! We were also named The Outstanding Brokerage of the Year for 2017!


So when you need a Cheyenne WY realtor make sure he or she is full time, fun and fabulous! Take the time to interview real estate agents until you find the right fit and then be as loyal to him or her as you expect in return. Give us a call today to set up an appointment or connect with us online. We are here to guide you through the process for buying Cheyenne properties or selling your Cheyenne property; townhomes, new construction, commercial, land, residential.

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