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Cheyenne Realtors Holiday Fun

RE/MAX Cheyenne WY Stockings Blog

We want you to know that Real Estate Agents can always have a GREAT TIME!

This is how! The ingredients of what makes Realtors great and what makes RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agents the best!

  1. Laughter – I am still laughing at the pictures from the selfie booth, games and dance floor. Many are priceless with other people’s pictures being “Photoshopped” in! This is simply an affirmation that Realtors are the life of the party and love to have a great time.
  2. Games – Have you ever seen a bunch of Realtors in a competition or with pantyhose on their heads stuffed with balloons? It is a sight to see! How about a game of musical chairs? I’m thankful no one needed a trip to the ER! No group is as competitive and strategic as Realtors. That is what makes everyone so great at their jobs and even the small games like this.
  3. Dancing – In every group you have your line dancers, country dancers and slow dancers! We have a perfect mix. We love that our Agents are not afraid to “get down” and have a great time. It goes to show you that it is important to stop and have a good time. Life is too short not to.
  4. Food and Fellowship – I love to watch people make new friends when they attend a party of their peers and family members. Over a delicious meal people have so many things to talk about and learn about each other. When you work at RE/MAX Capitol Properties you are part of our family and we want everyone to feel that love. Events such as this helps us to foster these lasting relationships and strengthen our family.
  5. Friends and Family – Meeting our staff’s and agent’s families is a highlight too. It is important to us to meet and build relationships with our Agents but also their loved ones. We know they are driven toward excellence, so they can support their families and spend valuable time with those they care for. This is a great opportunity to learn about them and share this special bond with each other.
  6. Christmas Joy – We take the time to remember we are here to serve people looking to buy and sell real estate. Along with this service comes friendships and helping to make home-ownership a dream come true.
  7. Cherished Memories – Everyone made it home safely. We work hard, play hard and then were able to all go home with food in our bellies and with new wonderful memories from a great evening.

We have a great team at RE/MAX Capitol Properties! I am thankful for each person in our office. I am thankful for the big wins and the times of sadness. It reminds us that we need each other. I hope that your Christmas is filled with family, friends, fellowship, laughter, games, dancing and joy!

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