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Cheyenne Provides The Best Value


When you are shopping at the grocery store and you see packaging that says “best value” do you stop to assess, how? Same goes for Cheyenne.

Right now when you look at the real estate market in 2019, it has the badge of honor! Cheyenne provides the best value for residents and property owners. The market around the nation is expected to slow down and prices are going to increase. While Cheyenne is subject to the same movement, what makes Cheyenne the best value is the full picture.

Cheyenne is located in Wyoming. This State has the lowest tax structure and property taxes are like a dream come true here because they are really, “that low.” Is it to good to be true? It is the honest truth. Wyoming is one of the most wealthy States because of its natural resources, a.k.a. coal and energy! In fact, this means that they have money to spend and when it comes to education for youth – they don’t skimp on the bills. They invest in their teachers, their students and their futures with the Hathaway Scholarship, which practically pays for college when going to a Wyoming school. It is amazing.

Cheyenne has it all. This is the largest city in the State of Wyoming but maintains a small town feel. It is a safe community that is really family oriented. It features great schools, access to health care and lives on a great transportation corridor connecting folks to any city throughout the nation! Take a day trip to see a beautiful waterfall or venture down to a big NFL game in the neighboring State in just a little over an hour.

Check out how the real estate market is performing around the Nation and just know that if “Value” is what you want, then there are only a few options. If you want the “Best Value” then there is only one option; it’s Cheyenne!


We know what to expect in the Laramie County real estate market in 2019. How you might wonder? We pay attention to the market. Our listings go under contract in just 28 days. 12 days faster than the local market. 12 days is less than 2 weeks! It means less stress when selling. It means better interest rates. It means finding the home you LOVE quickly. Selling your home quickly will also allow you to start living your life, how you want to live sooner! We know you will find your perfect home and quickly with our RE/MAX Capitol Properties expertise. Give us a call today at 307-635-0303 or connect with us online so we can help you get started with your 2019 real estate goals!


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