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Cheyenne Open Houses – November 4th & 5th

Cheyenne Open Houses

November 4th & 5th

Are you shopping for a new home? We are always pleased to provide you with a list of open houses for the upcoming weekend.

Saturday Open Houses

Cheyenne Open HousesTimePrice
1720 Andover Dr. Cheyenne WY9:30-10:30$387,000
2808 Bent Ave. Cheyenne WY10-11$327,000
6010 Highview Ct. Cheyenne WY10-12$445,000
4408 Everton Dr. Cheyenne WY10-12$425,000
848 Creighton St. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$845,000
1564 Andover Dr. Cheyenne WY10:30-11:30$300,000
223 Abby Rd. Cheyenne WY10:30-11:30$275,000
1222 E. 22nd St. Cheyenne WY11-12$257,000
4004 Snyder Ave. Cheyenne WY11:30-12:30$320,000
805 E 6th St. Cheyenne WY11:45-1:45$250,000
5724 Parkside Dr. Cheyenne WY12:30-2$390,000
3221 Dey Ave. Cheyenne WY1-2$529,000
1482 Earhart Dr. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$725,000
3690 Sky Train Dr. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$595,000
3698 Sky Train Dr. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$550,000
4322 Superior Ave. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$349,999
707 E 6th St. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$160,000
2304 Pack Saddle Rd. Cheyenne WY11-1$575,000
8383 Firethorn Ln. Cheyenne WY11-12$675,000
3516 Blue Feather Trl. Cheyenne WY11:30-1:30$475,000
1516 Willow Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$320,000
3317 McComb Ave. Cheyenne WY2-3:30$370,000
5829 Kenosha St. Cheyenne WY2-4$609,900
2245 Ledoux Dr. Cheyenne WY2-4$564,600
3415 Dey Ave. Cheyenne WY1-3$355,000
9418 Smoking Oak Rd. Cheyenne WY11:30-1$575,000
7215 Aztec Dr. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$629,000
1956 Road 124 Cheyenne WY10-11:30$540,000
608 E Fox Farm Rd. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$385,000
538 Western Hills Blvd. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$355,000
1675 Espen Trl. Cheyenne WY10:30-12$759,900
5821 Calumet Dr. Cheyenne WY10:30-12$500,000
2709 Plain View Rd. Cheyenne WY10:30-12$350,000
218 Bent Ave. Cheyenne WY10:30-12$349,900
3711 Edison Ct. Cheyenne WY11-1$585,000
5140 Carla Dr. Cheyenne WY11-4$599,000
5139 Carla Dr. Cheyenne WY11-4$586,900
5142 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11-4$429,900
5136 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11-4$429,900
5130 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11-4$429,900
1307 Klipstein Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$759,000
1515 Scenic Ridge Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$719,000
5721 Blazing Star Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$649,000
584 E Powell Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$549,000
921 Carlson St. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$385,000
3711 Hynds Blvd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$332,000
4515 Fontenelle Cir. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$319,900
1310 E 5th Ave. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$305,000
721 Evans Ave. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$245,500
311 Carriage Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$650,000
2309 Pack Saddle Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$499,900
2010 Meadow Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$455,000
3714 Everton Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$309,900
810 W 31st St. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$305,000
342 Annie Morgan Ct. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$289,500
6710 Buttercup Dr. Cheyenne WY12-2$640,000
5802 Mica Bluff Cheyenne WY12:30-2$689,900
1696 Nita Ct. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$755,000
820 E 18th St. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$648,000
10817 Horse Creek Ln. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$650,000
1766 US Hwy 85 Cheyenne WY1-2:30$510,000
1629 Alyssa Elaine Dr. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$370,500
160 Miami Cir. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$370,000
4602 Dominique Rd. Cheyenne WY2-3:30$760,000
1214 E 23rd St. Cheyenne WY2-3:30$295,000
305 Western Hills Blvd. Cheyenne WY2-3:30$220,000
2229 Goodnight Trl. Cheyenne WY2:30-4$505,000
5600 Opal Dr. Cheyenne WY3-4:30$645,000
816 Apache St. Cheyenne WY4-5:30$385,000

Sunday Open Houses

Cheyenne Open HousesTimePrice
6018 Osage Ave. Cheyenne WY11-12$265,000
3241 Fir Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12$335,000
3416 Snyder Ave. Cheyenne WY12-1:30
4408 Everton Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$425,000
2329 Council Bluff Cheyenne WY1-2$535,000
848 Creighton St. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$845,000
208 Ferguson Ave. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$425,000
2609 Park Ave. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$473,000
7132 Manhattan Ln. Cheyenne WY3:30-5$365,000
6330 Westedt Rd. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$665,000
7536 Jessica Dr. Cheyenne WY11:30-1$800,000
3947 Dixon Dr. Cheyenne WY1-3$675,000
1224 Road 142 Hillsdale WY2-4$500,000
594 Road 147 Cheyenne WY3-5$665,000
4745 Road 206 Carpenter WY3-5$670,000
310 Conroy Ct. Carpenter WY3-5$449,900
322 Conroy Ct. Carpenter WY3-5$498,000
821 E 18th Cheyenne WY1-3$855,000
5712 Carmel Dr. Cheyenne WY10:30-12:00$645,000
5140 Carla Dr. Cheyenne WY11:00-4:00$599,000
5139 Carla Dr. Cheyenne WY11:00-4:00$586,900
5142 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11:00-4:00$429,900
5136 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11:00-4:00$429,900
5130 Sullivan St. Cheyenne WY11:00-4:00$429,900
6867 Saykally Rd. Cheyenne WY11:00-12:30$599,900
5709 Opal Dr. Cheyenne WY11:00-12:30$599,750
2309 Pack Saddle Rd. Cheyenne WY11:00-12:30$499,900
2532 E 10th St. Cheyenne WY11:30-1:00$295,000
5802 Mica Bluff Cheyenne WY12:00-1:30$689,900
222 E 5th Ave. Cheyenne WY12:00-1:30$350,000
1310 E 5th Ave. Cheyenne WY12:00-1:30$305,000
4008 Rockwood Dr. Cheyenne WY12:00-2:00$325,000
810 W 31st St. Cheyenne WY12:30-2:00$305,000
4035 Farthing Rd. Cheyenne WY1:00-2:30$585,000
5821 Calumet Dr. Cheyenne WY1:00-2:30$500,000
1507 Trent Ct. Cheyenne WY1:00-2:30$349,900
1122 Patio Dr. Cheyenne WY1:00-2:30$315,000
5712 Carmel Dr. Cheyenne WY2:00-3:30$645,000
2823 Foothills Rd. Cheyenne WY3:00-4:30$355,900

If you are interested in a scheduled showing, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you with viewing a property you may be interested in.

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