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Cheyenne Open Houses – July 1st & 2nd

Cheyenne Open Houses

July 1st & 2nd

Are you shopping for a new home? We are always pleased to provide you with a list of open houses for the upcoming weekend.

Saturday Open Houses

Cheyenne Open HousesTimePrice
1812 S. 2nd Ave. Cheyenne WY9-11$350,000
1207 Marie Ln. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$664,900
4701 Craigy J Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12$890,000
2030 Columbia Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$655,000
6006 Highview Ct. Cheyenne WY11:30-1$428,500
4202 Clark St. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$285,000
6218 Little Shield Rd. Cheyenne WY1-3$545,000
4810 Van Buren Cheyenne WY9-10:30$409,000
4011 Cobblestone Ct. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$340,000
1732 Road 136 Cheyenne WY10-11:30$523,000
609 Little Valley Trl. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$105,000
5101 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-2$568,500
5117 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-2$589,000
5125 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-2$623,000
5150 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-2$672,000
2304 Pack Saddle Cheyenne WY12-2$652,000
8170 Ridge Rd. Cheyenne WY1-3$969,000
3916 Campfire Trl. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$358,500
2820 Bent Ave. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$345,000
8511 Misty Mountain Rd. Cheyenne WY10-12$743,900
303 Bowie Ave. Chugwater WY10-12$250,000
1221 Bentley Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$549,000
1257 Bentley Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$549,000
8511 Misty Mountain Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$743,900
1714 Willow Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$345,000
424 Panther Track Cheyenne WY12:30-2$800,000
1425 W College Dr. Cheyenne WY12:30-2$310,000
1276 North Carolina Rd. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$549,000
1285 North Carolina Rd. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$529,000
2321 Arctos Rd. Cheyenne WY2-4$925,000
2317 Orson Ct. Cheyenne WY2-4$875,000

Sunday Open Houses

Cheyenne Open HousesTimePrice
3221 Dey Ave. Cheyenne WY11:30-1$560,000
530 E Iowa St. Cheyenne WY2:30-4$660,000
410 E 21st St. Cheyenne WY4:30-6$440,000
6219 Mountainview Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$698,000
2123 East 18th St. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$315,000
6330 Westedt Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$675,000
5101 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-3$568,500
5117 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-3$589,000
5125 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-3$623,000
5150 Garnet Way Cheyenne WY12-3$672,000
1237 North Carolina Rd. Cheyenne WY12-3$585,900
1214 Bentley Rd. Cheyenne WY12-3$609,400
1249 North Carolina Rd. Cheyenne WY12-3$625,200
8170 Ridge Rd. Cheyenne WY1-3$969,000
3711 Edison Ct. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$669,000
863 Arena Ln. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$695,000
879 Arena Ln. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$685,000

If you are interested in a scheduled showing, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you with viewing a property you may be interested in.

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