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Cheyenne Open Houses – April 8th & 9th

Cheyenne Open Houses

April 8th & 9th

Are you shopping for a new home? We are always pleased to provide you with a list of open houses for the upcoming weekend.

Saturday Open Houses

Cheyenne Open HousesTimePrice
8257 Westedt Rd. Cheyenne WY11:30-1:30$738,000
1322 W. Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne WY12-2$360,000
3794 Rustic Rd. Cheyenne WY10:30-12$592,000
3704 Rustic Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$592,000
1110 Sherman Mtn. Lp. Cheyenne WY10-12$670,000
2245 Ledoux Dr. Cheyenne WY1-3$599,600
2225 Ledoux Dr. Cheyenne WY1-3$509,600
5415 N. College Dr. Cheyenne WY1-3$399,000
6551 Buckskin Trl. Cheyenne WY9:30-11$1,100,000
5400 Hamilton Ave. Cheyenne WY9:30-11$395,000
1726 Kade Ct. Cheyenne WY10-2$481,000
1748 Kade Ct. Cheyenne WY10-2$391,000
1624 Danny Pl. Cheyenne WY10-2$355,000
7123 Foxglove Dr. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$1,000,000
4115 Red Feather Trl. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$643,600
7800 Aztec Dr. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$625,000
4109 Red Feather Trl. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$615,000
4112 Red Feather Trl. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$615,000
2901 Spruce Dr. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$315,000
1713 Dunn Ave. Cheyenne WY10-11:30$310,000
341 Bocage Dr. Cheyenne WY10-12$327,000
5400 Gateway Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$625,000
6524 Riverbend Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$580,000
1115 Savage Dr. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$495,000
5159 Hoy Rd. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$460,000
2221 Goodnight Trl. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$415,000
5424 Hacker Cir. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$385,000
2617 E. 9th St. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$285,000
300 Hacienda Ct. Cheyenne WY11-12:30$222,500
1315 W. 6th Ave. Cheyenne WY11:30-1$625,000
1688 Espen Trl. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$725,000
3717 Riata Lp. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$975,000
1696 Nita Ct. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$755,000
1825 Breezy Way Cheyenne WY12-1:30$745,500
1681 Nita Ct. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$660,000
1209 W. Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$559,900
3816 Gunsmoke Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$415,000
5618 Dayton Dr. Cheyenne WY12-2$510,000
2035 Canyon Dr. Cheyenne WY12:30-2$585,000
418 W. 7th Ave. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$600,000
3331 Thomas Rd. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$519,900
1115 Savage Dr. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$495,000
926 Feather Ridge Cheyenne WY1-2:30$487,500
6004 Osage Ave. Cheyenne WY1-2:30$250,000
600 Harmony Ln. Cheyenne WY1:30-3$550,000
215 E. 6th Ave. Cheyenne WY1:30-3$425,000
1583 Road 109 Cheyenne WY2-3:30$625,500
2620 E. 9th St. Cheyenne WY10:30-11:30$300,000
2514 Maxwell Ave. Cheyenne WY11-12$275,000
1407 Silver Spur Rd. Cheyenne WY11-1:30$799,000
7210 Bridle Dr. Cheyenne WY12-1$599,000
6500 Riverbend Rd. Cheyenne WY12-1:30$540,000
333 Hynds Blvd. Cheyenne WY1-3$380,000
2316 Goodnight Trl. Cheyenne WY1:30-3$495,000

Sunday Open Houses

If you are interested in a scheduled showing, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you with viewing a property you may be interested in.

Cheyenne Open Houses Resources

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