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Cheyenne is Known for Transportation

When you hear about Cheyenne, Wyoming, some associate our community with being the Capitol, some associate it with Cheyenne Frontier Days and others the Military.

What many don’t know is that Cheyenne is actually a premier location for Trains.

Just a few weeks ago the community enjoyed the launch of the 150th Transcontinental Railroad Tour from Cheyenne to Ogden. The Cheyenne Depot Museum hosted a special event for visitors from all over the world to launch Union Pacific’s historic steam locomotives – Big Boy No. 4014 and the Living Legend No. 844. Thousands of visitors and community members went to watch the festivities and large groups were sprinkled along the route.

Laramie, Wyoming had a record attendance once the train got to their downtown. The fact that Union Pacific chose to conduct the restoration work in Cheyenne and then travel from the Capitol, is a symbol of a long-standing relationship through the decades. In fact, Cheyenne is the Capitol of Wyoming because FE Warren established as a military base because of the access to Crow Creek. Then these anchors are what increased the demand for transportation solutions and the train route was established from East to West making Cheyenne a primary destination on route, and later Route 30 was formulated, the first coast to coast interstate. We are known for transportation and are a prominent, as well as a widely used corridor.

Just another reason why Cheyenne is amazing.

Big Boy 4014 Cheyenne WY

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