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Cheyenne Growth Builds Value

With as much activity that there is going on in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the more valuable it is to work with a real estate agent.

Recently we have had listings go from list to sold within hours of being on the market. Homes are going that quickly. Much of this is due to the overall growth in our community. There is a lot to look forward to, from new businesses to expanding businesses. Here are some highlights.

1) Northern Cheyenne Growth

The most significant shift will be the relocation of Natural Grocers to the current Barnes and Noble location. Where is Barnes & Noble going? They are likely to build a new location near the Cheyenne Frontier Mall. Don’t worry; you won’t be losing a coffee option with this relocation. A Dutch Bros. will be moving in. Another building is being constructed in the lot of the current Hobby Lobby location; it will be a Mattress Firm. Back by the Buffalo Wild Wings will be the addition of a Freddy’s. Then, East on Dell Range is a new build in front of Menards. It is a Tommy’s Express Car Wash. Also, along Yellowstone, there will be a Chase Bank located where there was an abandoned convenience store near Uncle Charlie’s.

Paired with this commercial growth are housing solutions being worked on too. One of them has been in the works for many years, and it is starting to get going; it is the Ridgeview Apartments located behind the Walmart.

2) Eastern Cheyenne Growth

There are a variety of housing solutions out East with another phase of Whitney Ranch; there is also Meadowlark Estates, expanded Saddle Ridge. There are other business opportunities with the Sweetgrass development with this growth. A Pinnacle Bank is getting built, near Campstool is another business park, and then there is the new Camping World for our Cheyenne adventurers.

3) South Cheyenne Growth

Sweetgrass is Southeast and is elevating the housing opportunities in Cheyenne. It is conveniently located by LCCC and is super close to road connections that make it easy to get anywhere in Cheyenne fast. This same amenity can go for the Harmony Valley Homes, a multi-family housing development West of College.

The growth is exciting, and we love being a part of the action. If you are interested in learning more about what to anticipate in the community and want more guidance regarding your real estate journey, we’d love to talk!

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  • What are some of the better things in Cheyenne. I moved out of Cheyenne years ago and wish I hadn’t. Has anything changed. We here should I go to see the city day and night activities. Are there any of dog horse or cattle shows

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