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Cheyenne Celebrates 150th With A Time Capsule

Cheyenne WY 1869

Have you ever written to a future audience knowing you probably won’t be alive to witness them even reading it?

That’s exactly what we did for the time capsule that will be opened in 50 years! When we were given the opportunity to enclose a sheet in the time capsule celebrating Cheyenne’s 150th birthday we jumped at the chance! Since the social media platforms of today will likely become historic…’s a sneak peak.

“We at RE/MAX Capitol Properties are grateful to share in the 150th celebration of our “Magic City of the Plains!” We have so much to be thankful for today that the original Cheyenne settlers didn’t have available; running water, electricity, heated homes, a variety of jobs, solid economy, FE Warren AFB, and local and state government.  Cheyenne is filled with amazing people today! We know throughout the 150 years there have been many amazing people before us that have led the way.

We have witnessed so many changes even in the last decade. Technology moves so fast that it is nearly impossible to keep up. We believe the biggest change to recent life is the cell phone. It is no longer a phone, it is a computer in our hands. It has changed the way everything happens. Who could ever have imagined how social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat to name a few) would change the way we do things. Technology has become a large part of the Cheyenne economy with Microsoft choosing to do a $200 million data center expansion. Cheyenne and Wyoming continue to have strong economic drivers with mineral, military, tourism and agriculture industries.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we believe when much is given to you, then much is expected of you. We do our best to be a supporter of our community with our time, talents and treasures. In April 2012, Steve and Stephanie Prescott bought the company from her father, Richard Leavitt. The office is located at 4000 Central Avenue. We currently have 22 real estate agents and three staff members who work extremely hard for their clients and the community. They are professional, dedicated, smart, kind and fun! In March 2017 RE/MAX was honored to receive the Community Service Company of the Year award from the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.

We pray Cheyenne continues to be a place where people can make a difference if they choose, businesses can thrive, hard work and perseverance will be the norm and people will still say hello! Congratulations Cheyenne on 150 awesome years! Cheers to the next 50 years when this time capsule will be opened.

We all send our love to our families,

Signed by everyone at RE/MAX Capitol Properties”

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