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    Chance The Rapper – Gives RE/MAX a Shout Out

    Yep, we are those people! You know, the ones that hear their names in a rap song and have to tell everyone about it.

    You would be too, wouldn’t you? I mean, who wouldn’t. Anytime your name is in the lyrics of the song it becomes your anthem. Like Sweet Caroline, or Beth, or Stacy (because Stacy’s Mom has got it going on). Well, again we wouldn’t be holding up the tradition if we didn’t share with you that Chance The Rapper has officially made a song where RE/MAX is called out for being the “Agency of Choice.” We couldn’t agree more.

    Thanks Chance The Rapper!


    “Once upon a time, a lady who tried twice
    At being a good wife and giving a good life
    To both of her lil’ girls with ballerina tights
    She called up the RE/MAX and opened her own site
    Clothes and open houses, hired her own type
    Alimony is phony, she paid for her own flights
    Crazy office parties, she’s throwin’ ’em inside
    And my mama sealed my fate when she opened the invite
    The lady had a plan, she knew it all in advance
    The party was a good mixture of employees and friends
    She told the people comin’ to make sure they bring their kids
    Yeah, bring some food, but just make sure you bring your kids
    After we arrived and after standing around
    The lady take the glass and told us gather around
    For a special performance from her daughters, she said it proud
    But tonight they not my daughters, tonight they Destiny’s Child
    Out from the back came three lil’ survivors
    In formation, choreo tighter
    One on the left, I think I might like her
    One on the left, I think I might love her
    Lady just folds her arms, rubs her hands
    All of the lessons, learn how to dance
    All of these moments left up to chance
    Everything will go right as it can
    It’s possible” – Lyrics


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