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Celebrating the Air Force which Shaped Cheyenne

September is an important time in US history and was vital to the City of Cheyenne. 

Did you know that in 1947 on September 18th, the United States Air Force was created? This forever shaped the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, and the State of Wyoming. The military already had a presence in the community because of Fort D. A. Russell, a solid army base to protect the railroad. But it wasn’t until the Air Force was founded that the community gained Warren Air Force which later evolved into a base that houses necessary defense controls for the nuclear triad. The evolution of the military base formed the Capitol City of Cheyenne. 

The existence of Cheyenne was because of the railroad. The growth, however, was due to the expansion of the military presence. Through the decades, Laramie County and the City of Cheyenne have grown because of the in-migration of the military. In addition, our community has a VA that is sought after and becomes a great anchor for attracting veterans to the area. The military has been the lifeblood of our community and has played a prominent role in our State’s economy, and that is why we must celebrate and honor the formation of the Air Force. This was the most recent branch of the military formed, which now includes Space Force.

The military has also been an important population to our industry in our community. We are so grateful to the servicemen and women who select RE/MAX Capitol Properties real estate professionals as their agents during their relocations. We understand that you can do business with anyone, and we appreciate that you select us! Plus, we love that you have become a part of our RE/MAX family that extends around the globe. We want to do everything we possibly can for our incredibly selfless military and veterans, so we deem it an honor when given the opportunity!

In closing, thank you for your service and your dedication! You all make such a large impact on our history, community, and our future.

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