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Celebrating 10 Year Work Anniversaries

Betsy Putnam 10 years with RE/MAX in Cheyenne, WY

The year 2014 may seem like a distant memory to some, but for others, it feels like just yesterday.

It was a year of memorable pop culture moments, from the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier to the catchy tune “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, which was featured in the movie Happy Feet. Yet, amidst these memorable events, something equally special happened in our agency, RE/MAX Capitol Properties. That same year, Betsy Putnam joined the administrative team, and Brandon Swain began his career in real estate with us as a Cheyenne Realtor.

Now, ten years later, the brokerage is celebrating their decade-long commitment to RE/MAX. It’s a momentous occasion, one that speaks volumes about the value they have contributed to the business through their professionalism and passion for the real estate industry. As a real estate agency serving Southeast Wyoming, RE/MAX Capitol Properties is committed to creating an environment where its agents and employees can thrive. This involves continuous improvement and maintaining a strong market awareness. However, it is only possible because of the extraordinary talent that the company attracts and retains, like Betsy and Brandon.

Brandon Swain 10 years with RE/MAX in Cheyenne, WY

Recognizing their ten years of service is a small way to show appreciation for all they have done and accomplished during their time with the company. Over the years, Betsy and Brandon have become an integral part of the RE/MAX Capitol Properties family. Their dedication to their work, the agents and agency clients has been unwavering. They have proven to be exceptional team players, always willing to lend a helping hand to their colleagues. Their professionalism, expertise, and passion for the real estate industry have set a high standard for others to follow. As the company celebrates this milestone, it is important to remember that it is the people who make it successful.

RE/MAX Capitol Properties is fortunate to be comprised of the best of the best. We genuinely focus on quality of professionals and these two professionals demonstrate this wholeheartedly. Their contributions have not only helped the company grow but have also made it a better place to work. As we celebrate Betsy and Brandon’s ten-year anniversary, it is a testament to the value they have brought to the business and the people they have touched along the way but most of all the community as whole. Here’s to many more years of success and growth in their careers!

We are grateful for our agents and staff and the long term relationships we share together. It is a joy to witness personal and professional growth and development with those around us who choose to run their business like a business with functional systems in place, serving their real estate clients.

Learn more about the state of the real estate market in our recent market update video with Steve Prescott, Broker/Owner. If we can add value to your home search give us a call to sell your home, buy a home or both, 307-635-0303.

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