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Category: Trends

    Cheyenne Real Estate Market Update 2023: Lower Interest Rates & Bright Prospects in 2024

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 17, 2024

    Are you a current or prospective homeowner in Cheyenne, Wyoming? If so, we have some exciting news to share! The Cheyenne real estate market has been stable through this recent housing recession, and as we step into 2024, the landscape is looking brighter. Lower Interest Rates: One of the most significant developments in our real... Read More

    Real Estate Trends in Laramie County: April 2023

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 10, 2023

    Looking to buy or sell a home in Laramie County? As we transition into the spring season, it’s important to stay informed about the latest real estate trends in the area. In April 2023, 112 homes were sold in Laramie County, with an average home price of $386k and an average of only 36 days... Read More

    When to Invest

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 24, 2023

    Investing in real estate comes with risk. With risk comes immense reward, though. When you think about real estate investments, it can sometimes feel daunting because it is work. It isn’t just putting money toward the home or property; there are other business activities or efforts required to convert your home or property into a... Read More

    When to Buy a Home

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 10, 2023

    When to buy a home is up to you. However, it can sometimes not feel like that is so. We have all been feeling a different fiscal pressure than we had a year ago. The average 30-year mortgage rate for that buying has nearly doubled in the past year because interest rates were once 4%... Read More

    Why Real Estate Investing is a Smart Choice

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 5, 2023

    After watching so many people choose to invest in real estate and having success building wealth, it’s made us believers in the various real estate options available. Over the years the one investment that has consistently proven to be a reliable and profitable choice is real estate. When we look at houses, buildings, and land,... Read More

    Why real estate investing

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 3, 2023

    What do you see when you look around at houses, buildings, and land? You often see a home for families, a place for a business to operate, or a fun location to entertain. However, when we look at houses, buildings, and land, we understand they are all investments. Why do so many people invest in... Read More

    Love Your Lifestyle in 2023

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 10, 2023

    Live life to the fullest by embracing your lifestyle with how you live at home in 2023! Life changes. What’s important to you changes. The weather changes from day to day. So you need to make sure when you are ready to buy a home or move to a new home, that you consider your... Read More

    Which lender to work with

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 6, 2023

    Real estate agents can help you find the right home on the market and navigate the transaction process. By working with a real estate professional at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, you can access networks spanning financial advisors, builders, contractors, inspectors, and more. They can help connect you with professionals who can assist you through the process,... Read More

    Houses for Sale Near Me

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 10, 2023

    We will often go for a walk or a drive and come across a home for sale near us. We will look at the flyer associated with the property if we are walking by, or we will later look it up online. Home shopping is a continuous process because it revolves so much around timing.... Read More

    Home Change Because Life Changes

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 9, 2023

    Homeowners in America rarely stay in their first home forever. Most people will buy and sell several homes over the years to meet the changing needs of their family. Whether you are a first time home buyer trying to decide if you are financially ready to buy a home or you have a life change... Read More