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Category: Tips

    Lending Made Easy

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 22, 2023

    Borrowing money to buy a home or property is common.  There are various ways you can position yourself financially to purchase a home. The abundance of options can make it hard to decide, but we recommend taking a higher-level perspective first to know what is best for you. What is Lending? Lenders are individuals, groups, or... Read More

    Budgeting Made Easy

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 15, 2023

    Budgeting is work but there are tools and resources available to make it easier.  The objective is to have a balanced budget. What does that mean? It means that you are taking the time to spend within your means by budgeting your funds in advance. Only spend with a plan! That will make achieving a... Read More

    When to Invest

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 24, 2023

    Investing in real estate comes with risk. With risk comes immense reward, though. When you think about real estate investments, it can sometimes feel daunting because it is work. It isn’t just putting money toward the home or property; there are other business activities or efforts required to convert your home or property into a... Read More

    When to Sell Your Home

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 17, 2023

    When you decide to sell a home, it can feel like the biggest decision you could make was made. However, selling typically answers a more significant problem or concern. When people decide to sell, their current home no longer fits their needs or desires. It is that simple. And selling is a perfect solution because... Read More

    Why Real Estate Investing is a Smart Choice

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 5, 2023

    After watching so many people choose to invest in real estate and having success building wealth, it’s made us believers in the various real estate options available. Over the years the one investment that has consistently proven to be a reliable and profitable choice is real estate. When we look at houses, buildings, and land,... Read More

    Why real estate investing

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 3, 2023

    What do you see when you look around at houses, buildings, and land? You often see a home for families, a place for a business to operate, or a fun location to entertain. However, when we look at houses, buildings, and land, we understand they are all investments. Why do so many people invest in... Read More

    What decisions need to be made when selling

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 27, 2023

    Sometimes the timing feels right to sell; other times, it never feels like there is good timing. No matter your situation, making informed decisions during your selling of a home, property, or land is frequent, and it starts with the decision to sell.  When is the right time to sell? You’ll need to determine your... Read More

    What decisions need to be made when buying

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 20, 2023

    Buying a home is an important decision.  As real estate professionals, we want to provide you with the right resources and information to make an informed decision when buying a home. Ultimately, as your agent, we will let you know what inventory is available and keep an eye on the market to pursue listings that... Read More

    Why Cheyenne and Laramie County are a great place to buy real estate

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 13, 2023

    This phrase is often associated with real estate because a significant amount of the homes or properties’ worth is related to their location. Where is it located within the community? What is near and coming in the future nearby? There are various communities where extremes in the market for specific neighborhoods and behaviors shift. However,... Read More

    How to budget for a home purchase

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 6, 2023

    It may be alarming to you when changes are coming down the pipeline regarding interest rates if you are trying to buy a home.  However, we want to share why now is an excellent time to buy a home and how to budget for a home purchase.  Since 2005, the market in Laramie County has... Read More