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Calling All “For Sale By Owners”

Steve Prescott, Managing Broker and Owner of RE/MAX Capitol Properties, calls “For Sale by Owners” a four-letter word.

Is it a joke? Maybe, but it isn’t. Agents have to combat the challenge of “For Sale By Owners” regularly. Many sellers think they will save money by not working with an agent because they will not have to pay a commission. In theory, it sounds excellent, but sellers can be harming their potential home value by doing this based on the industry structure. When agents represent their clients, they have access to an extensive network of peers who help spread the word about their homes. The promotion you receive from working with an agent can break your selling price because the agent who can get you more than one offer is likely to find you the best possible offer at a value you will be satisfied with.

Some sellers don’t want to work with an agent because of a past experience. That is why it is essential to find an agent you jive with and with an agency you can trust. If you work with a RE/MAX Capitol Properties realtor, you will realize the level of support you receive beyond the agent. You will receive the help of the agency leadership, back-office, peers, and their networks. Plus, RE/MAX Capitol Properties has listing programs, buying programs, new construction programs, and more! This way you are never going through a journey for the first time, but your agents will be applying best practices to make sure you are taken care of throughout the whole process. This vast support will also help you with liability and paperwork, reducing your time invested in listing your property and so much more. There are a variety of advantages when working with a professional real estate agent when selling your home.

Are you ready to sell your home and take a leap with an agent? If so, visit to connect with an agent and to learn more about our agency.

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