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Build It

Are you one of those people who can look at a box of Legos and can start creating?

If you are someone that has the skill to translate a vision into a physical reality, that is a talent! So first, our compliments to you on this. We have a significant number of talented builders and subcontractors in our community who are exceptionally good at this. When you are ready to build your dream house, perhaps you will choose to build it!

If you choose to build your home the biggest challenge is always finding the right piece of property to build your home. Luckily this can be made easy if you purchase a home in a new development where lots are already owned and a variety of home build choices are at your disposal. This can help reduce the costs associated with building your home too. It can lower the cost to build a home in this way because the builder can buy a volume of supplies in bulk and also negotiate labor differently with subcontractors. Whereas, if you want a completely customized home this will have a heftier price tag but you can most certainly put your home where you want it, how you want it and when you want it!

No matter the route you take when building your home, our real estate agents have extensive experience in navigating new construction. Our agents can help you through the whole process, and can even help you to pick the right option for you! Give us a call at RE/MAX Capitol Properties and let us help you build your home in 2020 – (307) 635-0303.


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