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“Better Outcomes” Kind of Outlook

We have been reminded during this pandemic just how important having a home is.

Those who were able to abide by the “stay at home order” and do it in their own homes, were able to establish their appreciation of having a space of their own. We have been able to center our family conversations around the kitchen table again, have been able to knock “to do” items off of our lists, and crafted new couch outlines of our cuddles from binge-watching. Being told to slow down, pause and appreciate – has had its rewards.

Being in Wyoming also has been something we are especially thankful for too. We have a culture in our community that allows us to be neighborly and support one another. This is why a common nickname for our State is “Wy(HOME)ing.” If you live in Wyoming you understand why it is home. It is because of the people. We really do have a level of compassion that has made getting through the pandemic, a bit easier than most. We are a State that understands responsibility and the moment the virus struck our communities our healthcare professionals and first responders stepped up to the occasion. Other industries that were heavily impacted by the requirements were able to adapt and alter their lifestyles enough to place safety and health at the forefront of decisions.

In fact, we were one of those businesses. Often times we too get caught up in meeting metrics, paying attention to dollars and cents as our key performance indicators and we don’t always understand the limitations that come along with being simply human. If your community, families, and people are not healthy, then hard work can only take you so far! We have to help one another through this pandemic but also focus on how our actions can result in better outcomes. We need to all lead with compassion and be neighborly. It is Wy(HOME)ing because the people make it a home. So make sure to put them at the center of your decisions, thoughts, and actions. It will make a world of difference.


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