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Best way to promote your listing!

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Promoting your listing is important and we have 4 best tips for you.

RE/MAX Capitol Properties is a leader in the real estate and finance industry because we know what it takes to stay informed professionals who can best serve our clients. We wanted to share with you today the BEST ways you can promote your listing. Whether you do a for-sale-by-owner or if you decide to go with a Realtor, we recommend that you do the following tactics to best promote your listing:

  1. Share and spread the word: Tell everyone that you are selling the property and bring it up to the grocery store clerk or bank teller because the number of people they see in a day they could be telling about your house too is a great way to find potential buyers.
  2. Picture perfect: You want your listing to always look good and ready for a picture. Why? Because people drive by homes they frequently may want to consider buying and if it is ready for a picture then it is alluring to any passerby.
  3. Frequency is key: Getting the word out once doesn’t mean anything in the world we live in. You need to be where the customers are, so frequency is key. You need to be in the real estate magazine and in the news feed they are searching through and even in the email they opened for work. It doesn’t even have to be the actual listing that they are seeing but the real estate agency. Top of mind actions are critical and frequency is key to encouraging actions.
  4. Knowledge is Power: The more people who are informed about your listing the better and they more knowledge they have about it the more they can talk about it. So educating others on the amenities and the selling factors is a great way to spread the word and promote your listing.

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