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Best Friends Day

Enjoying the rest and socializing on a picnic trip with your best friends. A group of young cheerful women travel in nature by car. Hipster girls laugh at sunset.


On June 8, honor your closest and dearest friend on Best Friends Day.

The relationship between best friends is often fierce and can withstand distance, storms and silence.  Whether we’ve known them all our lives or they are more recently acquired, best friends make tough times bearable, fun times memorable and memorable times priceless.

Maybe there are several best friends in your life.  No matter how many there are, get together and celebrate the day! — HT – National Best Friends Day

What a great day for you to remember that one of the friends you should always have on call is your realtor. Even my lovely wife (my closest and dearest friend) has me on call! My life experience has given me the opportunity to have friends all over the world; I was born in England, served in the military and served as a missionary. Each day I am grateful for my many friends!

Friends are those who help you. You may have friends who are there just to have a good time, or maybe ones you know you can call on when it comes time to move that upright piano that nobody will ever play, but it has to be moved because it belonged to Aunt Gertrude, who couldn’t play more than chopsticks.

Other friends may just be there as a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. Some best friends are there for your whole life and maybe you even went to school with them. However, you may have other best friends you have only known for a year or two.

Friends help to make memories and that is what I have the privilege of doing every one of my working days. I help families make memories through the selling of a home or in the purchase of a new home. This goes for those with plenty of experience on the property ladder, or for those who are purchasing their first home.

We can help take the stress and pressure off of finding the right Cheyenne property. Call us today and let us show you why having a RE/MAX agent as a friend is worth your time!

Mark Escalera – Cheyenne Realtor


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