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Be Ready To Move

When you are moving there are a variety of activities required and it is hard to be mindful of all of them.

We thought it would be helpful to share with you some high-level checklists that can help sort through items you need to do before your move.

The first thing is updating your address and supplying people with a change of address. The first entity to reach out to is the Post Office so that they can redirect mail, etc. Feel free to inform companies directly, especially credit card companies, lenders, insurance, utilities, etc. You may also want to let friends and family know. You will want to notify the proper government entities of your move too. The Tax Assessor, Department of Motor Vehicle, and Social Security are just a few.

Moving arrangements would be next. This is sometimes a daunting task because it requires thinking through the entire logistics of your move. We recommend doing an inventory of your valuables as you pack so that you can confirm safe transport. You can also hire trusted movers to assist you, and they can sometimes supply you with helpful resources. If you have a long-distance move or a significant amount of valuable items, you may consider moving insurance and would need to purchase this in advance of your move. Lastly, we recommend contacting movers three to four weeks before your moving date, and this gives everyone the time necessary to plan the proper material and personnel support.

Before you even move, we recommend having a garage sale of sorts or a purge, so you are only moving items that you plan to keep! This helps to make sure you are moving only what is necessary. Also, if you are downsizing especially make sure you measure the doorways of your existing home and the new home to confirm ease of transport. Some disassembly may be required, and in some instances, you may need to sell or donate furniture that will not work in your new home.

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