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Be Ready for Radon


You found the home you love but then are concerned about radon. Let’s talk!

Radon is a gas that comes from the earth. It is a radio active gas actually! It can be in any home that has contact with the ground. Yes, any home that has contact with the ground. It is scary because it is best known for its ability to cause lung cancer. Protocol for testing for radon is having an inspector measure the radon gas, mold, lead, asbestos and meth as an addition to their stand services. This is a cost worth incurring because you want to know if you would be at risk.

Something to know is that there is no radon level that is considered safe. However, the U.S. EPA has established the level of 4.0 picocuries per liter to be the “action level” for homes. This would require efforts to reduce the radon levels. Next, just know that all homes can be fixed if they do have radon. Professionals work to stop the flow of radon seeping into the home. This is done by creating a permanent vacuum below the concrete slab in the soil. The suction simply redirects the gas away from the home.

Now, let’s talk numbers. If you are buying a home and the inspection shows the higher level of radon, then ask your real estate professional to negotiate the price and mitigation into your contract. If you don’t, you will most likely have to pay for it if you proceed with purchasing the home.


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