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Back-to-School in Laramie County

Live In Cheyenne WY

Yes, it is back-to-school time in Laramie County!

We are excited for this time of year because it means new beginnings and it means football season is starting, of course. This is a big year for our family because we have a child in elementary, Jr. High and High School. It is an exciting time for sure!

Are you new to the area and/or embarking on your first school year in Laramie County? Here are four fun tips to help you and your family!

  1. You will learn to love brown & gold, if you don’t already! It is in the water to support the University of Wyoming
  2. We have the best tool for preparing your K-12 kiddos for College, it is Laramie County Community College
  3. Boom Boom! This holds meaning during High School Sports in Laramie County if there is a drum-line present
  4. Prepare yourself for the school competition you’ll witness between Cheyenne Central, East High School and South High School, the same holds true for Burns & Pine Bluffs, they have a rivalry like no other in the area
    • If you decide you’d like to check out our team, give us a call (307) 635-0303

As the school year begins remember that everyone plays a critical role in the education of our youth. From the administration and teachers to the students and their families. The community in Laramie County rallies behind the success of our area’s youth. Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes a village?” It holds true in the greater Cheyenne area too. Naturally everyone is very focused on creating a great home for their children to grow and learn. Therefore often times you will see that the person who is your next door neighbor is also the youth soccer coach. Many community members invest their time and talents in the education system and even through youth programs. They work hard to offer it all. Back-to-school around here also means, back-to-programs. Students go far beyond the classroom with athletics, agriculture and art opportunities, we live in an area of opportunity. It truly is a great place to raise a family.

Learn more about Laramie County School Distrcts #1 & #2.

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