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Another Holiday Season to Sell or Buy

Thankful at RE/MAX Capitol Properties


Is the Holiday Season a  good time to buy or sell real estate?

This time of year can be difficult for many people and for many different reasons. Not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but everybody does celebrate something at some time during the year.

One neighbor may celebrate Kwanzaa in honor of their culture, while another family celebrates Hanukkah. The third family will celebrate Christmas. But what makes them different?

For one person, their choice of holidays will be based on their culture. Or, for another, language could be the differentiating factor. For others, it could be based on a belief system, religious or otherwise, that convinces them to celebrate what is most important to them.

Personally, I love this time of year, but not for the reasons that many others may like it. I have family and friends who will listen to Christmas music in 110F temperatures in July and then give you a running update on how many days are left til Christmas – starting on December 26th!

One of my reasons I like this time of year is because I like cold weather. I like hot cocoa or a cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire. More importantly, I love reading a book or typing and enjoying memories of years past. Not all of the memories are enjoyable, and some are very sad such as the memory of a brother passing away over 20 years ago. Sometimes the memories run very deep, but they are a reminder of who I am and where I have come from.

There is another memory though that I enjoy. I enjoy having a home. I enjoy not having to pay rent anymore. I enjoy going in my garden and knowing that I can plant vegetables, flowers, or I can change the entire layout without getting permission. Owning my home means that I am building equity that I can eventually leave to my family when it comes time for me to leave this world.

As I speak with sellers, one of the things I hear sometimes is, “I want to wait until Spring to sell my home.”

My reply is, “Why wait? Why let a family walk away from the purchase of your home? Why wait until Spring when a lot of others are doing the same thing and just hoping their home will stand out as being different?”

The truth is that your home will always be where you hang your hat. Your next house may be bigger, or smaller, more expensive, or cheaper. But, at the end of the day, it is just a house. The memories that you have made there will always be with you and wherever you move next, you will be able to create brand new memories to add to the ones you have already made.

Winter is still a great time to sell, even in wintry, wild, windy Wyoming. With fewer houses on the market, your home will be able to get more attention, possibly including having more time for things like Open Houses.

So, call me today and we can show you how RE/MAX Capitol Properties is here to make your next transaction a smooth one. It will be another memory worth keeping pictures of for years to come.

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