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America’s Best Kept Secret

Our RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents care deeply about their community and Cheyenne is America’s best-kept secret.

What you need to know about our real estate agents at RE/MAX Capitol Properties is they all chose to make Cheyenne their home because it is a great place for families. Kourtney Mits is one of our real estate agents who actually grew up in Cheyenne. Her family moved here in 2003 when she was only 7 years old because her family knew that Cheyenne was America’s Best Kept Secret. Why you may ask? Because not everyone understands how incredible the community is.

It is a Capitol City that has so much potential for business growth and expansion, that is safe for families and is an anchor for the State of Wyoming. Everyone who is an agent in Cheyenne can share with you why they elected to make Cheyenne their home, but they all stem from the fact that it really is an amazing place to live and the best part too is it is a reasonably priced place to live too. This has become a vital part of home purchasing decisions in the last few years because some folks are simply priced out of the market in some communities. We are a welcoming community that is always excited to welcome new members.

Therefore, just know it is America’s best-kept secret because individuals like the growing community with a small-town feel, that has substantial opportunities. Plus, it is a place that has so many amenities with great outdoor adventures nearby with a locally expanding greenway, it is a safe community and so much more! Don’t want to just take our word for it, hear from Kourtney directly, and watch our great video where she highlights some of Cheyenne’s amazing offerings. She grew up here and chose to stay here, her reasons why say it all.

Welcome Wy(home)ing!

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