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    To observe National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7 all you need is chocolate ice cream.  Who says you have to stop there, though? You can have it in a cone or make it from scratch.  Add sprinkles or syrup or whipped cream.

    Chocolate ice cream is the second most common flavor, surpassed only by vanilla.  The chocolate flavored ice cream has been in existence well over a hundred years and has been popular in the United States since the late 19th century.

    Cocoa powder is blended in with eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar to make chocolate ice cream.  The cocoa powder is what gives the ice cream a brown color.  Other flavors, such as rocky road or triple chocolate chunk, use chocolate ice cream in their creation. HT: National Calendar

    On a hot day, there is nothing better than a bowl of ice cream that has some type of chocolate in it. For example: mint chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, Mississippi Mud Slide, Moose Tracks, Chocolate peppermint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, etc., etc., etc.

    Excuse me for a moment while I go get a bowl right now before I drool on the computer! 

    Ok, I’m back and to be honest, I was wrong about one thing.  There is nothing like a bowl of ice cream no matter what the weather is like. After all, we are in Wyoming and just had several inches of snow and weather below freezing the week leading up to Memorial Day.

    I realize that not everybody likes chocolate and I have heard there is a rare breed of human that does not like ice cream, but I have never seen such an individual. In fact, I think National Geographic still has anthropologists looking for them in the steaming jungles of Timbukswazilandistan or some similar locale.

    In the meantime, back here in Wyoming, just like there are a wide variety of chocolate ice cream flavors, there are a wide variety of homes that are available in our market.

    While you are eating your favorite flavor of ice cream, the best thing you can do to help your favorite real estate agent (spelled M-a-r-k-E-s-c-a-l-e-r-a) is make a list of what you do or do not want in your new home.  It is perfectly acceptable to start with how much you want to spend and what area of town, but there are so many other flavors that only you can choose.

    For example: do you want a basement, fenced yard, two story, fireplace, plenty of cupboards, garage, workshop, place to grow vegetables, or even extra space in the sunroom for a supersize freezer to hold all of your chocolate ice cream tubs? After all, it is important to prioritize your treasured possessions and chocolate ice cream is right up there near the top of the list.

    Now that we have both eaten a bowl of ice cream (chocolate of course), pick up the phone and call me. The experience will be as nice and memorable as eating that bowl of ice cream you just finished. By the way, another benefit of using me as your realtor is that my services are fat-free and calorie-free. You won’t gain a single pound by asking me to help you buy or sell your next home.

    Serving Great Service a Bowl at a Time,

    Mark Escalera, MRP – Cheyenne Realtor

    Sales Associate, Military Relocation Professional

    307-286-0396 – Cell phone


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