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A PSA: why getting an agent with designations helps your bottom line

Pricing Strategy Agent RE/MAX Capitol Properties Cheyenne WY

Buying or selling a home always has its difficulties, now more than ever. How do I keep my home safe and my family healthy while people go through? How do I know I am getting the best price when multiple offers come to the table? What is the most effective way to go to the table with a high offer but a low appraisal?

This is where a Pricing Strategy Advisor certified agent can help you! Why pick an agent with a PSA designation? A PSA certified agent goes through specific training to help an agent enhance their CMA skills and help elevate their ability to price properties. This certification also helps your agent to guide you through the anxieties or misperceptions that often arise about home values.

In a changing market, a PSA agent can be particularly important when working with an appraiser on the valuation for a loan. The PSA class talks very specifically on how to adjust your home to the comparable properties around you, how to justify adjustments to value based on upgrades, and how to successfully assist an appraiser in valuating your home.

My PSA designation not only helps me, but helps you sell your home! Give me a call today and I can assist you in a free market analysis to help determine your home’s value!

Adri is Cheyenne native who is passionate about real estate, her community, and helping others. Adri is a graduate of both Laramie County Community College and the University of Wyoming and is a true Wyomingite through and through. Her passion for improving her community and the lives of people within that community that manifests itself through home sales, community services, and volunteering.

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