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5 Tips Buyers Should Know

Tips for Home Buyers blog RE/MAX Capitol Properties

You are ready to buy a home! It’s an exciting time and emotions can run high, so have a plan for the type of house you want and what your budget will allow for a mortgage payment. If you are a first time home buyer it is even more important to prepare yourself for the ups and downs that may come your way during the home buying process.

  1. Your first offer sends a tone. An initial offer that’s too low may cause the seller to fire back with a higher price, or not respond at all. Also note that haggling sellers down to their lowest price may make them less likely to cover repairs.
  2. Check your inspections. Even if the seller has had a previous listing inspection, you still have the option to set up a home inspection to catch anything they might have missed.
  3. Check the title. You’ll need to use a title company or attorney to run a “title search” on your prospective home. This checks for issues like back taxes, liens, etc. that might affect the transaction.
  4. Budget for closing costs. Be sure to plan for these out-of-pocket expenses typically shared by both buyers and sellers during closing. Buyers usually pay three to four percent of the home price.
  5. Rely on your real estate professional. You’re not in this alone! We’re here to get you a good deal and make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Remember once you are through the process and you are a homeowner it will have been worth the planning and preparation. You’ll be on your way to the benefits of real estate investing. Are you ready to get started on your homeownership dreams? Connect with one of our realtors today at 307-635-0303 to schedule an appointment.

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