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5 Practical Care Tips for Multi-State Home Owners

You own homes in several states already, and perhaps you’re even looking to purchase another home with the help of RE/MAX Capitol Properties! However, as a pet owner with lots of animal companions, you’re struggling to juggle managing your real estate portfolio and caring for your dogs and cats. These tips will help you tackle everything from making smart financial decisions to choosing pet care products.

Choose the Right Pet Care Products

As the owner of several properties, you have to make sure that you have all of the pet care items you need on hand, wherever you happen to be. You should also keep items available to help you move your pet comfortably from one property to another. For instance, if your pet is easily agitated by unfamiliar situations or tends to chew on furniture, you may want to invest in a muzzle. To ensure that the muzzle is comfortable for your pet, measure the circumference and length of your dog’s nose before buying.

Keep Up With Predictable Routines

When you’re doing lots of traveling, it can be tough to stick with a routine. But you and your pets will all be happier and healthier if you make the effort to do so! Try to keep your pets on the same schedule as far as feeding, taking walks, and winding down for the day. Creating a predictable rhythm for your lifestyle can be very grounding.

Manage Insurance Across States

Living in multiple states can certainly complicate things when it comes to enrolling in insurance policies. If you’re wondering where to take out an auto insurance policy, register your vehicle in the state with the most affordable coverage. As far as health insurance goes, it’s best to take out a policy in the state where you primarily spend time. And if you want to get pet insurance for all of your four-legged friends, Progressive states that you can enroll them all in the same policy, often at a discount!

Save Money on Your Lifestyle

Owning and maintaining several properties, and caring for many pets, doesn’t come cheap! Make sure to keep your budget in check to prevent unnecessary spending. For instance, subscribe to streaming platforms rather than using cable, and store lots of non-perishable foods in your pantry and deep freezer to prevent food waste.

Weigh Your Cost of Living Expenses

When you own homes in several states, you’ll end up paying prices that can differ widely for essential services. You can use this to your advantage by figuring out which cities offer the lowest costs for the highest quality services. Here are a few sample figures reflecting key living expenses in cities where you may already own property:

Owning homes across multiple states can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. This is especially true if you’re a pet owner! But with these tips, you can find the ideal insurance policies, manage your cost of living, and get the right products for your pets.

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Thank you to guest blogger, Katie Conroy for sharing these tips for pet owners and multi-state property owners!

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