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Monthly Archives: December 2021

    12 Reasons We Love What We Do: About Family

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 31, 2021

    Being in the real estate profession can be stressful, but it is beyond rewarding!  Now that we are in the last month of 2021, we wanted to take the time to share what motivates us to work every day in the real estate and finance industry. That is why we decided to share our 12... Read More

    What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 31, 2021

    It is our final week of Merry Mondays! First, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Merry Mondays and wish everyone well in the upcoming year of 2022!  Homeee the Elf will head back to the North Pole this week but return to her new home in Cheyenne to keep an... Read More

    Why Cheyenne, you make us LOVE what we do!

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 29, 2021

    Recently, while on a trip, I had the joy of experiencing a staple of big city life: traffic. We sat, stuck in traffic, for most of the day, and didn’t get anything accomplished that we set out to do. The commute was so long, and the road so crowded, I turned to my friend who... Read More

    12 Reasons We Love What We Do: The Freedom

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 28, 2021

    As we share with you our 12 reasons we love what we do, we have to admit, it is getting us energized for 2022.  We are doing this deep-dive of what helps us have the passion for our profession because it is fun! The next three we will be sharing with you are unique because... Read More

    How To Get My Home Ready For Winter

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 27, 2021

    Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to make sure your home is ready for the colder temperatures. Preparing your home for this season is one of the best things you can do to ensure you avoid any potential disasters. These three tips will help you get ready! Check your heating and coolingIt’s recommended... Read More

    How are you ringing in the New Year?

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 24, 2021

    The holidays are not over yet, and like we shared earlier before Merry Monday’s began, Homeee the Elf’s Laramie County Adventure is continuing even past the season of giving!  A tradition in Cheyenne, Wyoming has been the epic ball drop, and nearby is a warm haven many residents and visitors take advantage of on the... Read More

    Tips For Your Holiday Party

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 22, 2021

    Hosting the holidays in your home can be both exciting and challenging. Not only are you focused on making the celebration special for your loved ones, but you also need to get your home ready. Here are three tips to simplify the process, so you can host with ease. Plan aheadThe best thing you can... Read More

    12 Reasons We Love What We Do: Tackle Challenges

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 21, 2021

    We shared with you already 1-3 of our 12 reasons why we love what we do!  Now we are excited to share the following three that drive our passion for the real estate and finance industry in Southeast Wyoming. Ready to tackle anything. We love that we have to always be on our toes and... Read More

    What holiday book do you cozy up with?

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 17, 2021

    Merry Christmas from RE/MAX Capitol Properties and our helpful Homeee the Elf! Homeee the Elf is still hanging out around Cheyenne to keep an eye on things before the guy in the red suit arrives. There are people in Downtown getting that last-minute shopping in, celebrating with friends at local restaurants, and just enjoying all... Read More

    How Do I Store My Christmas Yard Decorations

    By Steve Prescott | December 15, 2021

    Decorating for the holidays is a time-honored tradition that brings joy to many families. However, all good things must come to an end. When it’s time to pack up your Christmas treasures, these tips will help make your holiday cleanup faster and easier. Invest in Storage Bins Cardboard boxes can degrade over the course of... Read More