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Monthly Archives: June 2021

    What happens when we start to build your new construction home?

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 30, 2021

    New construction can sometimes feel overwhelming. Rather than moving into a turnkey house, you have to be a part of all the pre-build activities. Read More

    Common New Construction Questions Addressed

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 28, 2021

    We work with a variety of clients, and through the years, we hear common questions. Sometimes the answers are not always straightforward, and we like it when they are. To address your new construction questions, we thought we would do it right here and right now! Read More

    New Construction is the Optimal Solution

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 25, 2021

    Clients who want to purchase a home in the last year or two have to go with new construction. This is due to the increase in demand for prominent price points in our community. The lack of supply has made it nearly impossible to find the right home for all of our buyers, so new construction is a great solution. It is one we recommend because there are so many beautiful opportunities to take advantage of new construction.  Read More

    How To Prepare To Buy A Home

    By Steve Prescott | June 23, 2021

    The homebuying process is very rewarding, but is not without its challenges. In a seller’s market, it can be especially difficult to find and secure the house of your dreams, but with a little preparation, you can avoid some common pain points on your way to the closing table. Know what you want. In the... Read More

    This Is How You Can Clean Up After Mice Invade Your Home

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 21, 2021

    Thank you to guest blogger, Clara Beaufort,, for sharing these tips on how to clean up after mice invade your home! They’re constantly portrayed as cute and full of mischief in cartoons, but the truth is that mice are not at all the fun and helpful housemates they are purported to be. Rather, they... Read More

    SOLD on our Community Billboard Contest

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 21, 2021

    We have a fun activity for you and it can result in some cash winnings! Who couldn’t use some extra mula right now? Here are the details. We have RE/MAX Capitol Property Billboards around the Cheyenne and Laramie County area. We want you to participate in our scavenger hunt to find these billboards and take... Read More

    How To Price My Home In A Seller’s Market

    By Steve Prescott | June 18, 2021

    There’s a delicate balance between getting the best price for your home and achieving a fast home sale. How much you ask for your home when it first hits the market can be the difference between selling fast for a great price and missing out on motivated buyers. However, the greatest threat to many home... Read More

    SOLD on our Nature

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 16, 2021

    When you first drive into Wyoming, you will see a large sign that says, “Forever West.” A first-time visitor may wonder what that must mean at first, but after driving a few miles, you will see it means we embrace our landscape, we love nature, and we want to stay true to our western roots.... Read More

    Lower My Property Taxes

    By Steve Prescott | June 14, 2021

    Property taxes provide funds for schools, roads, and many other important aspects of our community. However, that doesn’t mean you should be paying more than you have to. If you’re a veteran, disabled, over 65, or under certain income thresholds, you may qualify for a property tax exemption. Here are some other ways to lower... Read More

    SOLD on our Agents

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 11, 2021

    Our real estate agency is comprised of a variety of real estate professionals. We have agents who have been with us throughout the decades; we have some who are just now beginning their careers. We believe in having a variety to serve the real estate market needs to the best of our abilities. What is... Read More