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Monthly Archives: April 2021

    The Offer is Just the Beginning

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 30, 2021

    It is important to understand the home market conditions before you make an offer to buy. This ensures you are competitive. Your real estate agent will help. As your REALTOR®, we commit to keeping you up to date on the market conditions. Our brokerage puts together a summary of the Laramie County market stats each... Read More

    Find the right agent and begin home shopping

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 28, 2021

    You are ready to buy your first home! How do you find a realtor who will work for you? Should you use your friend’s, aunt’s, high school friend, who sells two homes a year? Or should you go with an agent who works every day in real estate? We recommend that you find the best... Read More

    Decide to Buy and begin your pre-approval

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 26, 2021

    Know the importance of considering your finances and emotions before you start the home buying process. Read More

    Signs for Seniors Cheyenne WY

    By Steve Prescott | April 23, 2021

    At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we have always been SOLD on our community and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to support our 2021 Seniors! The foundation was put into place last year for the 2020 seniors when their graduations were impacted by COVID19. The seniors and their families loved seeing their own signs... Read More

    Let Us Introduce You To Our Emerging Leader Tara Nelson

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 22, 2021

    Can we get a whoop whoop for TARA NELSON!!! We are proud of our Marketing Director, Tara Nelson, for being one of the four Emerging Leader Award finalists! How are individuals recommended for the recognition? The Chamber sent out a nomination survey in their newsletter, then community members had the opportunity to nominate those individuals... Read More

    Why buy your home with RE/MAX?

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 21, 2021

    What is the home buying process? Read More

    Bataan Memorial Death March Cheyenne WY

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 19, 2021

    explaining more about the history and Bataan Memorial Death March. The most powerful line for me was, "the American military leaves no man behind" I love that these men are not forgotten and at least one family could put their son/brother/uncle, Walter James Kellett, to rest. Read More

    3 Smart Home Improvements

    By Steve Prescott | April 16, 2021

    Budgeting is an important life skill, but as a homeowner or renter, there are some things you shouldn’t compromise on. Here are some investments that are worth spending more on now, to save you money down the road. Furniture Poorly constructed furniture will wear out quickly and repurchasing broken pieces can actually end up costing... Read More

    Spring Is Here!

    By Steve Prescott | April 14, 2021

    It’s a time to start smelling the good smells of barbeques, cleaning summer toys like campers, boats, and bikes, planning hiking trips, and visiting with neighbors as everyone emerges from the winter. It’s my favorite time of year. I know the moisture received with the March storm will bring the May flowers that get me all excited for summer. Read More

    Adri True Ambassador C2EX Program

    By Stephanie Prescott | April 13, 2021

    Congratulations to Adri True on being amazing in her leadership skills! The National Association of Realtors has selected our own Adri True to be an ambassador for their C2EX program. She wanted to go through what this means for her, for the REALTORS® in our community, and for our community. C2EX stands for Commitment to... Read More