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Monthly Archives: March 2021

    Real Estate Negotiations 101

    By Steve Prescott | March 31, 2021

    Whether you’re buying or selling a home, negotiation is a key step in getting the best deal. Make sure you’re ready to close on the best price with these tips. Read More

    Frequent, effective communication is the key

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 29, 2021

    We have all been there where you feel like you are left in the dark and being misinformed or not informed at all can cause additional layers of anxiety, frustration and can lead to disaster if not corrected. We don't operate that way. Read More

    Real Estate Agents have their own style

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 26, 2021

    Some of our agents are focused on providing charitable donations with each transaction, others dedicate their time outside of work to volunteerism to make an impact in their communities, and both do this because they believe in improving their communities. Read More

    Inventory at Record Low as Home Values Continue Trend Up

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 24, 2021

    What happens when the home inventory is at a record low? Last time we checked in about the housing market, things were looking great as we started into a new year. Well luckily, that trend has continued! While the increase of home values has slowed, they’re still markedly higher than last year’s numbers. So what’s... Read More

    Challenge Accepted

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 22, 2021

    How do you show your Wyoming Spirit? Some may wear their University of Wyoming Attire, others with the Steamboat icon, others may take it to the next level and dance their love for Wyoming. Don’t believe us? Check it out. The RE/MAX Capitol Properties family took the Jeruselma Challenge to the next level. Not only... Read More

    Make Buying A Home Less Daunting

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 19, 2021

    Buying a home can be overwhelming, even just the thought. Affordability is typically the hardest thing to consider. This is actually the top concern for 60% of homebuyers according to a recent study by the NAR. There are a variety of costs to worry about and this is the most daunting part. From the down... Read More

    Tips For Packing Your Home For Sale

    By Steve Prescott | March 17, 2021

    If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, now’s the time. Low interest rates and increased time spent at home have created a large pool of buyers looking for homes. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still put your best foot forward. Before your home goes on the market, make sure you’ve crossed off these... Read More

    First-Time Home Buyer Financing Options

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 12, 2021

    There are a variety of ways homebuyers can approach purchasing their first home. We wanted to take a moment to highlight them all and these are not exclusively for those looking to buy in Laramie County, or Cheyenne, Wyoming, but anywhere you may be looking to locate. We simply want to set you up for... Read More

    In a Decade the Median Home Prices Increased by 67%

    By Stephanie Prescott | March 10, 2021

    The housing market is extremely challenging at this time for homebuyers. This is due to the limited supply of homes, that are within a reasonable price range for homebuyers. The lack of supply naturally increases the prices for homes. Since 2010, the home prices for single-family homes, rural residential, and condo/townhouses have all be increasing.... Read More

    Steps To Take Before Listing Your Home

    By Steve Prescott | March 5, 2021

    If you’re thinking about listing your home, there are some preparatory steps you can start on now to get ready! Declutter – We all accumulate a lot of stuff, but when buyers look at your home, they’ll be looking to see if your home has enough storage space to fit their needs. Make sure your... Read More