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Monthly Archives: February 2020

    Extra Extra!

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 28, 2020

    In journalism, there is a “Day 1” story that typically follows a “Breaking News” announcement and then they do “Day 2” stories to give more context. Here at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we call these EXTRA EXTRA highlights on important businesses and news in our community. Have you ever noticed that the media will capture exciting... Read More

    Should We Buy A Second Home

    By Steve Prescott | February 24, 2020

    Buying a second home is a fun way to lock in a perfect vacation destination and make some extra rental income. There are also some financial considerations to weigh before making your decisions that many homeowners aren’t aware of before they purchase their second home. IRS Limitations If you rent your second home more than... Read More

    Survive Selling Your Home During Divorce

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 21, 2020

    Divorce is a hard transition and often it is a turbulent experience. We are not able to help you unfold and resolve all of the emotions that get paired with this experience, but we can assist you with some tips to help you sell your home during your divorce. Life may lead you in a... Read More

    Love your Community

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 20, 2020

    RE/MAX Capitol Properties is all about community! Why you may ask yourself? We genuinely care about our community and want to be actively engaged in designing the community we all want to live in. In fact, we consider this a part of our responsibility as real estate agents in our community. It’s written into our... Read More

    Home Projects to Add to Your To-Do List to Speed Up the Selling Process

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 20, 2020

    Are you ready to sell your home in Laramie County? Check out these tips from our guest blogger Clara Beaufort of If you’ve ever listed your home for sale, then you know it can feel like it takes forever. Sometimes the market is slow, and sometimes you’re just a little impatient. Whatever the case,... Read More

    Homes for Heroes Agent Cheyenne WY

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 19, 2020

    Who is the local Homes for Heroes real estate agent in Cheyenne WY? Amber Johnson, RE/MAX Capitol Properties agent, is your local Homes for Heroes agent. Below you’ll find her latest video outlining the program, hero categories and how it works. She tells you that there isn’t any red tape, it’s just a way she... Read More

    Welcome RE/MAX Agent Brett Janzen!

    By Steve Prescott | February 16, 2020

    Brett knows how to be serious to get the job done and he knows how to have a good time doing it! Brett Janzen was born and raised in a small town in Kansas.  He attended John Brown University in Northwest Arkansas where he earned a degree in Business Administration and met his wife Rachel. ... Read More

    Combining Households

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 14, 2020

    Combining households can be a ton of work, especially if you have two of everything and you don’t even need one! Have you ever noticed the volume of items you accumulate over time? Well, imagine if you accumulated a ton of items on your own and then move all of those items into your new... Read More

    Why Cheyenne?

    By Stephanie Prescott | February 12, 2020

    Recently in a “Why Cheyenne?” we featured a young Cheyenne Native, who chose to make his hometown, exactly that, home! Deacon Maggard was born and raised in Cheyenne. He shares this with both his mother and his grandmother as well. We learned that while he is the notable “millennial” in the eyes of many, he... Read More

    Build A Home In Cheyenne WY

    By Steve Prescott | February 11, 2020

    How do I build a home in Cheyenne WY? First, let us help you find a lot to purchase. A fun new location in Cheyenne is the land development Chukker Ridge! There are currently 28 large lots listed for sale. The lots range in price from $65,000 to $85,000. The lots range in size from... Read More