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Monthly Archives: January 2020

    Let’s Get Married

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 31, 2020

    With the decision to move in together comes a variety of other choices that have to be made together from where to live, whether to rent or buy and when to make the move. We understand with these big life moments comes some big decisions. To make that easier for you we wanted to take... Read More

    December 2018 Brings Momentum to 2019

    By Steve Prescott | January 30, 2020

    There are a variety of trends happening in the real estate market lately and we want to make sure to stop to tell you what happened in December, as well as what that means for the future! A new decade brings much excitement when it comes to the housing market. The year ended off with... Read More

    Talk About Investing!

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 29, 2020

      Real estate is a way to invest your money and invest wisely. Yes, you can rent. That is always an option when it comes to finding a home for you. However, when you own it you will build equity. In 2019 the appreciation in total was 6.7%. This is an increase from 5.5% in... Read More

    Love at First Sight

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 28, 2020

    Have you ever had that gut feeling the instant you saw a thing or someone that was right for you? This is called love at first sight and we get it! That feeling is one that should not be ignored. According to poet Shel Silverstein- “There is a voice inside of you that whispers all... Read More

    Proud Partners with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

    By Steve Prescott | January 27, 2020

    RE/MAX Capitol Properties – A Proud Partner Of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Meet RE/MAX agents, Rebecca Hess and Tammy Facemire, your local RE/MAX Miracle Agents! What is a Miracle Agent? A RE/MAX Miracle Agent helps Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals support millions of kids each year by participating in the Miracle Home Program. With every home... Read More

    Enjoy It

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 25, 2020

    We have had a great journey this month in deciding your route to getting your dream house. We would love to know what you decided to do – build it, keep it, renovate it, sell it & move it. Whatever you decided on, we hope you enjoy it! Wherever life takes you we want you... Read More

    2019 Real Estate Market Wrap Up!

    By Steve Prescott | January 24, 2020

    What happened in the 2019 real estate market for Laramie County? At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we work hard for our sellers to set them up for success from for sale to sold! This translates to an average of  23 days live on the market before the home was under contract. The rest of the brokerages... Read More

    Sell It & Move It

    By Stephanie Prescott | January 22, 2020

    We are not trying to tell you that you are living in a money pit when we say, “Sell It & Move It” but we are telling you to give yourself permission to move on and find the right fit before you get too invested. In the charming 80’s movie called, “The Money Pit,” Tom... Read More

    Home Maintenance Resolutions

    By Steve Prescott | January 22, 2020

    Homes need continuous maintenance to keep them in good condition. Invest one to four percent of your home’s value in maintenance costs each year to avoid losing home value! 1. InteriorIf you invest time in some simple maintenance, you can keep the inside of your home looking like new. Some tasks your home may need... Read More

    What Should I Know About Selling my Home in the Winter?

    By Steve Prescott | January 20, 2020

    Tips to make your home look its best when it hits the market to help you get the best offers! Each season offers its own unique issues for the real estate market. If you’re selling your home in the middle of winter, you’ll likely have to work around poor lighting and minimal visual assistance from... Read More