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Monthly Archives: August 2019

    SOLD on Facts for Smooth Experience

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 30, 2019

    Have you ever heard that happiness is not the destination it is the pursuit? We live by this at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. In fact, this is the FACT! As humans we tend to remember the good, the bad and the ugly of our journeys. Sometimes in the moment they are hard but when we look... Read More

    Siri… Alexa… How Do I Choose A Voice Activated Assistant?

    By Steve Prescott | August 28, 2019

      Smart home technology is becoming more accessible and more helpful than ever before. With the right technology in place, you can control anything from your slow cooker to your home security system via smartphone. To get started, you need to choose a voice activated home assistant. Each home assistant has its own pros and... Read More

    SOLD on our Future

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 27, 2019

    What we love most about our jobs is knowing that we can determine what tomorrow is like through our actions of today! We like to think of ourselves as craftsman because we are able to get pulse on the community through our work with clients. We can tell you trends of who plans to move... Read More

    A Word From Our Agents: Adri True

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 26, 2019

    Adrianna True (Adri) comes from a family who has been in the Real Estate industry for many years. With vast experience and a true passion for her community, Adri made the choice to be a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX. She chose to work with the Greater Cheyenne area’s RE/MAX Capitol Properties and this is... Read More

    Calling Downtown Property Owners

    By Steve Prescott | August 23, 2019

    Owners of historical, commercial buildings located in traditional downtown districts are invited to submit a pre-application to determine eligibility for the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund (HAAF) by Sept. 1. The final application is due Oct. 15. This program is through the Wyoming Business Council and is a unique opportunity to really help downtown Cheyenne building... Read More

    SOLD on Family Values

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 23, 2019

    What you know about us is that we love our families at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. Sometimes when you are preparing to move it can be so much work but we want to make it fun and engaging for your whole family. To stay with our family values we have some activities listed below to make... Read More

    Ready for School Tips

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 22, 2019

    It’s time for school to start, make your mornings freaky fast with these tips! This school year keep everyone organized with a back to school command center. It will help your family keep track of important dates, events, and school items! Some things  to include in your school command center are: Folder holder Calendar with... Read More

    SOLD on Leadership at RE/MAX!

    By Steve Prescott | August 21, 2019

    Describe leadership in one word! That’s what our RE/MAX agent, Shae Risheill and Marketing Director, Tara Shane, asked of our fine group of REALTORS and staff members to do. Specifically they asked each person to use one word to describe Steve’s and my leadership style! They left me in tears, with a quivering chin and... Read More

    SOLD on Fun

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 19, 2019

    Why isn’t “funner” a word? Because, “fun” is enough and “fun” is a lifestyle. Not everyone can say that when they go to work they laughed so hard they acquired a six pack. Not everyone can say that they have a Broker who is willing to dress in costumes and pull fun pranks to bring... Read More

    SOLD on your Needs

    By Stephanie Prescott | August 18, 2019

    Identifying what you want in a listing and how to find the right fit, starts with finding out your needs. Determining your needs from your wants is difficult in many situations. We all make these tough decisions everyday. When it comes to purchasing a home the decisions can be harder than cookies vs. water. Every... Read More