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Monthly Archives: May 2019

    National Smile Day

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 31, 2019

    On May 31, National Smile Day encourages everyone to wear their best smile! The first recorded smile on record took place on 126 B.C. Okay, we made that up. But did you smile? Joking aside, we generate a smile when funny things happen or find pleasure in the things we do. Someone we love or... Read More

    Backyard Garden is Calling

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 29, 2019

    Growing your own fruits and vegetables in a backyard garden is a fulfilling way to spend free time and eat healthier. Choosing easy items like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and melons can help ensure your time toiling outdoors is worth the effort. Here are tips to successfully grow each type of produce. Lettuce – If you... Read More

    My Basement Is Flooded What Do I Do?

    By Steve Prescott | May 29, 2019

    “Rain rain go away” is what I am hearing many people say around Laramie County this week! Rain makes our yards, trees and flowers beautiful, but it also causes extensive property damage too. We currently have a bucket sitting under our new skylight where the rain is dripping from the new roof we put on... Read More

    Memorial Day

    By Steve Prescott | May 27, 2019

    I am heavy hearted as I reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. My grandfather was my hero. He had such a spring in his step and twinkle in his eye, but there was more. Deep wounds could be seen when you got to know him better, not physical wounds, but heart and head wounds.... Read More

    National Wyoming Day

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 24, 2019

    On May 24, National Wyoming Day recognizes the 44th state to join the union. Also known as The Equality State, Wyoming territory led the nation and the world in granting women the right to vote. In 1869, the Wyoming territorial legislature passed a bill allowing women the right and the governor signed the bill on... Read More

    Cheyenne is Known for Transportation

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 22, 2019

    When you hear about Cheyenne, Wyoming, some associate our community with being the Capitol, some associate it with Cheyenne Frontier Days and others the Military. What many don’t know is that Cheyenne is actually a premier location for Trains. Just a few weeks ago the community enjoyed the launch of the 150th Transcontinental Railroad Tour... Read More

    Conserve Water with These Landscaping Measures

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 20, 2019

    This article is written by Clara Beaufort, She shares excellent landscaping tips for homeowners. According to the EPA, half the water that Americans use for landscaping is wasted. That’s roughly 4.5 billion gallons per day, an enormous amount considering how precious this resource is in some parts of the world, including our own country. And don’t... Read More

    Choose the Right Dessert

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 17, 2019

    National Cherry Cobbler Day is dedicated every May 17th to the delicious tart dessert that many enjoy with ice cream. In the United States, cobbler refers to a variety of dishes that consist of a fruit filling (cherry being a popular choice ) covered with a batter, biscuit or pie crust that is then baked.  Some cobblers... Read More

    Two More New Restaurants Plus Church’s Chicken

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 15, 2019

    BIG things are coming to Ridge Rd. and Pershing Blvd, the first Wyoming location of Church’s Chicken. They bought the property and announced they were coming to town in 2017 and it has taken time to get all the permitting and construction completed but they promise to open in July, before Cheyenne Frontier Days. Goalz Restaurant Group... Read More

    DIY Sprinkler System Like a Pro

    By Stephanie Prescott | May 13, 2019

      Get the sprinkler system you have been dreaming of and do it yourself! Home ownership can be a lot of work and expensive, especially if you purchase a home and come across wants that you now have to do yourself. So here is a simple breakdown of how you can do a sprinkler system... Read More